Essays on Management of International Business Assignment

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The paper "Management of International Business" is a good example of a business assignment. This paper presents a report on international business mainly on how to expand an existing business to a foreign country where the business does not exist. This involves establishing McDonald’ s food joint in Papua New Guinea. The analysis will present the challenges that will face the company in its expansion and the solutions to such problems. There is also the presentation of the investment environment in the chosen country. It also involves the analysis of the fast-food sector so as to identify the major competitors in the industry.

This analysis will also help the company in identifying the problems that are encountered in the sector. The paper also involves identifying the most suitable market mode of entry into the international market. The mode of entry will be supported by advantages to the company so as to justify the mode and to weigh how beneficial the mode can be to the company (Dunning, Lundan, 2008). The investment environment in the chosen country will be analyzed so as to identify the opportunities the company can take to prosper in the country.

The country analysis will also help the company in identifying the challenges and regulations in the country of the investment. The changes, which arise as a result of these components will be analyzed in the report. It also suggests the most appropriate organizational structure that will head the company operations to the international market. It also presents a critical review on the effects of logistics and supply chains used by the company in the market to achieve success.

It evaluates strategic factors that influence companies to venture into the international market. It presents a critical analysis on regional investment in the APEC decisions and the impact it creates, once a company ventures into the international expansion (Dunning & Lundan, 2008). Another section will dwell on the region analysis to identify the investment in the APEC region. The analysis will research the ways in which the regional organization shapes the environment for business in that area.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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