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The paper “ Challenges Narinex Company Facing” is a good example of a case study on business. Decision making is vital when it comes to important matters in the running of businesses. Each decision made is usually followed by consequences that may be positive, negative, or both. When making decisions, therefore, ethical theories are applied in order to come up with the best solution to a dilemma. This paper will discuss a case study based on the Narinex company and the challenges facing it. Question oneBriefly explain the main ethical dilemma(S) in the case study. An ethical dilemma is usually defined as a situation whereby moral or ethical obligations are in conflict such that any solution is deemed morally intolerable (Stewart 2011).

In the case study, Jennifer Brown the CEO of Narinex, a manufacturer of electronics based in Michigan is faced with a dilemma after losing a major contract to Glistrom which is a competitor based in the UK. Brown calls both, Tyler and Dyson in a bid to try and find out the cause of the loss. Apparently, Nariex is losing customers on the grounds of sustainability as more customers look beyond compliance matters to whether suppliers paid a fair wage, whether or not the company had eliminated documentation by moving everything online and how they were handling their waste.

Apparently, Glistrom had recently appointed a chief sustainability officer (CSO) and this might have been the reason why the company was now taking most of the contracts. Brown, however, faced a dilemma as she didn’ t want to have a large executive just for show to match the actions of their competitor Glistrom.

Should she hire a CSO? A report by her granddaughter Zoe however, makes her consider the option of hiring a CSO. While in the meeting, it is, however, revealed that Glistrom is beating their company through the marketing of their profile and this puts Nariex executives in a dilemma as to whether they should hire someone to tell their own story. They are faced with a dilemma as they would not want their company to appear or seem like they are greenwashing, yet on the other hand they need to cut down on costs and project a good image of the company.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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