Essays on Blackmores Limited's Expansion of Market in Kuwait Case Study

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The paper "Blackmores Limited's Expansion of Market in Kuwait" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Blackmores Limited is a company that is involved in the development and marketing of health products. The range of these products is inclusive of vitamins, herbal and mineral nutritional supplements (Official Blackmores Website, 2009). The company is based in Australia and has operations in Malaysia and Thailand. It also sells through independent distributors in South East Asia and in New Zealand. The underlying feature in the research and development of products is to ensure the combination of ‘ scientific evidence with traditional knowledge’ so that people can be ensured a natural approach to health products.

The products that the company has on offer differ in variety and range from medicines for pains, brain health, cold flu and immunity, digestive health, energy medication stress relief, weight management, women’ s health and pain management among other things. The company is a big brand name in Australia and New Zealand but has seen rapid growth and development in countries of South East Asia including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore.

In all of these countries, the marketing and distribution plan has been different (Data Services International Report, 2003). In Hong Kong, for example, the company has been in operations for a period of over 15 years and yet there is no official office in existence, while Singapore, on the other hand, there is not just an official distributing network in place there is also an office with over 40 employees. Executive Summary: The following assessment will seek to analyze materials from a variety of secondary resources in order to quantify an international marketing plan which would be a reflection of the decisions that have been made during the formulation and implementation of the brand’ s management and marketing team in the initial phases.

The underlying idea in the project is the creation of a set of recommendations using policy orientations from Blackmore’ s management and applying them to the theories about an appropriate marketing mix given Kuwait’ s culture. Country profile: Kuwait is a small desert country that exists on the northwestern tip of the Persian Gulf. It is a small desert country occupying 17,818 sq km (6,880 sq mi).

it is, however, a country that is strategically located, bordered on the North and West by Iraq and south and West by Saudi Arabia. Given its small size and strategic location Kuwait does not come across at first sight as the perfect location for business expansion (Elzeney, 2008). It, however, is perfect by virtue of the fact that it has huge oil reserves; moreover, the Gulf War of 1991-92 ravaged the country and made it an ecological disaster area. There are serious land and air quality degradation issues which in turn increase demand for health products in humans.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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