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The paper "Blake Mycoskie of Toms Shoes" is a perfect example of a business essay.   Toms shoes is a company shoe company that started way back in the year 2006. Its rampant growth has been felt all across the world (Toms, 2013). Today, the company has donated over 2 million pairs of shoes to needy children across the world. The company has recently expanded to include Toms eyewear which aims at helping patients in need to restore sight. Blake’ s sympathy for needy children greatly propelled this innovative idea that has transformed into a major business enterprise.

Blake appears to be a vivid leader who remains a great inspiration to many young people. His leadership style has significantly contributed to his success (Toms, 2013). Blake has been referred to as a servant leader. Servant leaders are described as those who put the concerns of others first. This type of leadership is driven by the question “ what is best for my followers? ’ servant leadership as explained by Greenleaf identifies that servant leadership is shaped by five principles (Greenleaf, 1996). First is a concern for people. The concern for others is clear in as far as Blake is concerned.

Basis of the formation of the company tells it all. After observing that kids in Argentina stayed without shoes, he was touched greatly and this drove him into considering setting up a shoe company that could look into the needs of such kids (Toms, 2013). Toms Shoes today is shaped by the fact that for every shoe bought, a pair of shoes is donated to a poor child in Africa or Southern America. Blake is involved in travels around the world to deliver these shoe donations.

One can argue that his concern has less to do with the employees but rather takes a different angle altogether. Looking back at the company, today Toms Shoes has over 72 employees who run the activities of the company (Toms, 2013). Toms is concerned about the welfare of the employees and this is what has significantly built the status of the company. Stewardship is another principle that Blake has successfully integrated into his leadership. His social responsibility has greatly impacted his success. The company’ s social responsibility was recognized in 2009 when he was awarded the ACE Award by Hillary Clinton.

Through a demonstrated understanding of other people’ s needs, Toms Shoes has shown a great impact on society by donating shoes and helping needy people with eyes problems (Bennis & Nanus, 1997). Equity and justice is the third principle that has defined Blake’ s leadership. This regards to fairness in office management that is a paramount characteristic that brings harmony in the working environment. Toms Shoes company employees have given information that regards to how Blake treats them in equity.

He demonstrates no biasness in management a thing that has seen employees remain greatly motivated (Farling, Stone, & Winston, 1999). The fourth principle is indebtedness. This refers to positive expectations that employees expect from their leaders. Leaders need to positively impact on their employees (Greenleaf, 1996). Self-understanding is the last principle that is associated with servant leadership. Blake understands and makes appropriate changes in the work environment to suit the need of the employees. These principles have far-reaching effects and have increasingly resulted in the great success of his enterprise (Gonzaga University & Greenleaf, 2005).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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