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Employment Contract THIS AGREEMENT made on _____________ (day) of _____________ (month), by _________________ and _________________ (university name). LET IT BE KNOWN: 1) That I would like to offer my services to your university news group by working as a blog consultant. I am a foreign student and the blog will contain information about me and my culture. I believe presenting my experiences and the ways of life in my country will provide additional diversity to the content of your media and refreshing information to your audience; 2) That I would like to work for your news group for a total of ten (10) hours.

As such, with your approval, I would like to be at the news office for at least 2 hours every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 3 FEBRUARY to 27 MARCH. In my opinion, this would be enough time for me to complete the project. Moreover, this would provide me some flexibility as I must attend to my school work as well; 3) That creating a website consists mostly of three aspects - coming up with a design methodology, actual designs for the site and creating its content.

The ten (10) hours I have proposed will be allotted to several tasks I guarantee to accomplish in connection with the creation of the website Generally, I will be providing the input needed for the site to go online; 4) That I will serve as the project manager for the development of the web site or blog. I will also lead the design team and ensure the quality of their work. The designing and development of the site will take six (6) hours; 5) That after the web site is developed, I will provide the initial content.

Once completed, the site will go online. Two (2) hours of my office time will be devoted to constant monitoring of the content on the said site. Monitoring is an important part of the project because the content should appeal to the web site’s audience. If it does not, then the website will just be another site on the wide world of the Internet; 6) That the remaining two (2) hours of my project time will be spent registering a high-level domain name.

This way it would be easier for students to remember and access the blog. The more reachable the blog is, the more the audience would be encouraged to read its content. Through this, my culture would be shared with others; 7) That like the university newspaper, my website should also be checked inconsistencies. So, I will forward my articles to Sara. She will be my supervisor and obliged to assess my work. For this matter, she is going to be with me at the office whenever I work.

This is the agreement. Signed on ______________ of _________ 2012. Signature of student: _________ Signature of supervisor: _________

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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