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The paper "Service Blueprinting - Shouldice Hospital " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. The service blueprinting process is a tool for enabling users to view a framework for improving services. It is a service-planning tool, used to develop innovative services and ways of improving the current services. Thus, it can be identified as a tool for improving services within a firm (Hoffman & John, 2010). The chosen service falls in the hospital industry. The hospital the essay evaluates is Shouldice Hernia Centre, which is a private hospital in the country of Canada.

The hospital is funded publically but administered privately. The hospital deals with hernia repair (Shouldice, 2016). The hospital gives patients the power to plan the time schedules of their operations and surgery. The hospital has sufficient facilities for the operations of the patients, with increasing demand. The main service the hospital provides is the surgeries of hernias. The components of a blueprint as included in this paper are actions of the customers, frontstage and backstage contact employee actions, among other processes that support the success of the business (Maik, et al. , 2009).

The services mentioned have been selected due to the influence they have on quality service provision to its customers in the hospital. Customer Actions Customer actions refer to the activities and interactions that customers have while engaging in the process of purchasing, evaluating and consuming the services offered at the hospital. That is; it focuses specifically on the choices and steps the customers undertake to attain the services provided by the hospital. The customer actions refer to the line of interaction between customers and the hospital staff for acquiring the services provided in the hospital (Hoffman & John, 2010). The main customer actions include answering the medical questionnaire that provides their contact details and other necessary information.

This action involves providing the necessary information that the surgeons need to contact a patient and evaluate their medical needs.


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