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The paper "Blueprints Business Planning" is a great example of a case study on business. The proposed business plan for Blueprint's business planning does not adequately capture all the essential elements of a business plan that would aid decision-makers in determining the viability of the venture. The report identifies the various strengths and weaknesses of the business plan. The analysis of the business plans leads to the conclusion that the business should not be implemented as outlined in the business plan due to severe flaws. Subsequently, recommendations on alternative strategies that can be employed before the project proceeds include a thorough review of the industry analysis and marketing section, change of business name, revision of the implementation timetable and financial forecast sections. Introduction A business plan should consist of various elements that include a title page, executive summary, and background.

Other major elements include marketing, operations and production, financial projections, implementation time-table, and appendixes. The business plan may also vary in some of the elements depending on whether the business plan is aimed at securing finance or for business planning. The sample business plan for the proposed business by the name Blueprint Business Planning prepared by Jessie contains all the major sections.

The plan also contains some strengths and weaknesses that would necessitate that some alternative strategies are adopted for going into the business. Analysis of the plan: strengths and weaknesses The executive summary and company descriptions are the first sections in the business plan. According to Barringer (2009, 25), the executive summary and the company description are arguably the most crucial sections as they capture readers' interests. The name of a business is also important since it is the first thing other people associate the business with.

The selected name for the venture was Blueprint planning Pty ltd. The name does not adequately capture the range of consultancy services including training that is offered by the firm. This is one of the major weaknesses of the firm. Barringer (2009, 27) posits that the executive summary is a short overview of the entire plan and therefore should provide a reader with everything that needs to be known regarding the new venture. Some of the sections included in the executive plan include a summary of the introduction, company description, industry analysis, market analysis, marketing plan, management team and the company structure, operations, and development plan, and the financial projections.

The Blueprints business planning Pty limited plan executive section consists of the business idea and goal, marketing, operations, and finance sections. The executive section thus fails to capture the entire elements of the marketing plan as required.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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