Essays on BMW Brand Values Assignment

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Heritage The YouTube commercial starts with an image of an Egyptian pyramid to illustrate a heritage of outstanding engineering. The BMW brand was founded in 1916. The superior quality of the products enabled the company to achieve global acceptance which helped the company’s product become popular worldwide. A product line that made the company famous is its 7 series line of vehicles. Identifiers The company’s logo is illustrated in Appendix A. BMW’s slogan is “The ultimate driving machine. ” BMW has utilized this logo since the 1970’s as strategic tool to create a standardized international image in terms of statement and presentation so that the symbol would help people recognize the company brand (Bmweducation).

Personality traits BMW vehicles are one of the most reliable cars in the world. They are an example of the best German engineering can provide. Quality is one of traits that have made the company successful. The interiors of the cars are very comfortable and are equipped with the latest technology. The cars are extremely luxurious and its performance is similar to that of a sports car. Brand Belief The BMW brand provides its owners with a unique driving experience.

Owning a BMW vehicle is an indicator of success. The brand stands for one thing: sheer driving experience (Bmweducation). Current health The company has used a differentiation strategy throughout the years to stand out from the competition. Hybrid vehicle technology poses a threat to the company because the technology has reached a level that soon unique cars are going to enter the market. BMW depends on its prestige and uniqueness to gain a competitive advantage. New vehicles coming out soon such as the GM Volt 230 provide unique characteristics that are going to persuade BMW consumers to consider other alternatives.

Owning a car that gives a fuel efficiency of 230 miles per gallon gives a buyer a sense of superiority over the rest of the vehicles on the road. Another concern for the company is that some of its latest strategies were not well implemented. The company acquired the Roll-Royce brand then it created an entry level Rolls-Royce vehicle called the Ghost. This vehicle is going to cannibalize the sales of the original vehicle and the company is going to lower its profits since the Ghost margins are much lower than the classic Roll-Royce.

Key issues The company’s cars have traditionally target the upper middle class. The company recently introduced cheaper models such as the BMW Mini Coop. These types of models along with the future introduction of other cheaper vehicles are an opportunity to expand the customer base of the firm by targeting the middle class. Due to the global economic recession the demand for luxury vehicles has gone down. Target insight The owners of BMW vehicles are very loyal customers.

The company has one of the highest customer retention rates among automobile brands. Desired outcome The desired outcome of the company is to meet the expectation of its customer in order to make satisfy their needs. The company wants to make the customer become emotionally attached to their vehicles and for to think that they could not receive the same driving experience in any other vehicle brand. Appendix A: BMW Logo (Bing) References Bing. com. (2009. “BMW logo image”. October 18, 2009. < http: //www. bing. com/images/search? q=BMW+loga&form=QB&qs=n#> Bmweducation. com. 2009.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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