Essays on Integrated Marketing Mix of Sanitarium Weet-Bix Biscuits Case Study

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The paper "Integrated Marketing Mix of Sanitarium Weet-Bix Biscuits " is a great example of a marketing case study. Marketing strategy is a tactical action designed to optimize the allotment of resource for the company in order to supply quality know-how to customers. There is a direct correlation between superior marketing strategy and the quality of integrated marketing mix that entails price strategy, promotion, placement, process, people as well as physical proof. The assessment will centre on integrated marketing mix of sanitarium weet-bix biscuits which is the initial least calorie that is compensated by the mix of sugar and stevia extracts.

The assessment will focus on price, place, product and promotion in an effort of ensuring that the new weet-bix biscuits product’ s positioning in the competitive market. Market Segmentation This is the procedure of examining as well as splitting the entire customers into segments by employing the segment variables. The main classification of the variables entails the behavior, psychographic, geographic as well as demographic. The main aim of the procedure is to establish the target market which is set of customers that share same requirement as well as the traits, for the business to supply their communication, products as well as services (Ashok Ranchhod 2004). The demographic variables for weet-bix biscuits might have employed in dividing the market focusing on the age of the customers since it is apparent that the main consumers of weet-bix biscuits are the clients with age ranging from 29-50 years.

The market might have as well been divided on the behavioral traits of clients with high constancy status that seeks more advantage from the product brand. It can, therefore, be concluded that the growth of the existing product devoid of losing the old product experience. Core Value intention and Product Positioning The core value intention is the main consumer assurance provided by weet-bix biscuits in regards to market expectation when a customer buys their product.

It is vital that the seller establishes a different point of separation relating to the product as well as the manner to which they might strengthen this in order to take up a superior control in the mind of the customers (Belch 2012). The insight of value in similarity to opposing products as well as the insight that the entire advantage realized from the exchange surpasses the expense for production is what customers base their buying verdicts on.

A strong core value proposal, as well as apparent position, is of tactical importance since it is what links the consumers to the business. The weet-bix biscuits are placed as the eventual lower- kilojoules stevia-sweetened product in the market, in phase with consumers needs. The company is dedicated to addressing fatness by providing lower-calorie alternatives as well as weet-bix biscuits is the business’ s initial effort to the promise.

the advantage pledged by way of core value proposal is just, more natural as well as tranquil way of life full of with just yet lovable flash of stimulating strengthen. This asset with fill notion that position of the product is what brand is what it stood for as well as the values as well as notion that consumers will be motivated to relate with the weet-bix biscuits products (Graham J. Hooley 2008).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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