Book Report Of 2001:A Space Odyssey – Book Report/Review Example

Book Report of 2001: A Space Odyssey Book Report of 2001: A Space Odyssey In this book, the moon watcher can be described as innovator and savior since he invented tools that saved humans in that they were used to kill animals. The moon watcher can be given orange because of love of tools. The tools he invented were used in looking for food necessary for survival. He managed to end the problem of starvation in the world. As time passed, the man-ape evolved in that he had bigger brain capacity and developed improved weapons such knives, nuclear missiles, and guns.
Despite these developments, man has been living or existing on borrowed time. Frank Poole and David Bowman were courageous and confident because they were the only human beings on the discovery space on their way to Saturn. Frank Poole can be given because he was generous and predictable. Bowman can be accorded blue color because he was out to seek reality. From the story, Hal can be described as an intelligent man as seen in his role of maintaining the space ship. Despite being intelligent, Hal was selfish and secretive in that he was not willing to reveal to Poole about the journey to Saturn. Hal can be accorded green color because of the ability to think, explore new ideas, and develop models of maintaining the space ship.
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