Constitution Discussion – Book Report/Review Example

Athens and Sparta have similarities and differences in their Constitution which became a basis of our democracy today. One of the similarities of the two that is present today in our Constitution is the idea of check and balance where there is no central omnipotent authority. The Spartans have two kings to have checks and balance with five Ephors. Athens on the other hand has all sort of people in their democracy from aristocrats to commoners. They are represented through a democracy where people were men were grouped into a boule of 400 men which forms part of legislation assembly who would recommend their crafted laws to Solon. Solon distrusted the aristocracy because they do not best represent the people hence is the Athenian assembly.
Of the two systems, I believe that the Athenian democracy better than the oligarchic constitution of Sparta. Athenian democracy is better because it has representation from the common people where they have a voice in the government. In the Spartan oligarchy, commoners have no say in the government and the affairs of the state is restricted to the two kings and his Ephors, which is why oligarchy is associated with the rule of the few.
This is also in reply to the post which contended that Spartan oligarchy is better than Athenian democracy. It forgot to mention that the aristocratic nature of representation was reformed by Solon because he distrusted the Areopagus and its aristocrat members. Instead he created the boules which are a council of 400 men to form an assembly or congress. Checks and balance is better this way than an oligarchy that is only composed of two kings and his Ephors where the people had no represetation.