Seminar Paper – Book Report/Review Example

War Photographer Number War Photographer This is a book that is written on a particular photographer who takes photographs on war scenes. The reading is all about the effects of war on the society. This can be well attributed to the fact that the writer presents the many photographs that the photographer takes on various war scenes. The photographs are clear implication of pain and suffering among the victims. The writer thinks that it is very crucial if action was taken in order to end the raging wars. This, in regard to him, would assist him in the reduction of the various horrible cases covered by the photographer. The writer emphasizes on his implications by ensuring that there are as many photographs of the war scenes as possible (Nachtwey)
Among the photographs presented, there is a photograph of an individual with serious bruises in the face. He has a very irregular facial texture due to a cause that is proposed said to be fire burns. These fire burns were as a result of war where he was set on fire inside a house. This tries to indicate the intensity of the effects of the wars. The [photograph indicates that the individual is recovering from the tragic bruises. However, the photograph also indicates that the bruises are recovering poorly. This is a possibility of poor medical attention among victims of war (Nachtwey)
This in general highlights the need for the required measures to b e taken to stop wars. It also indicates the courageousness of the photographer. He goes to astonishing heights to take photographs that uncover various evils caused by wear that have to be stopped immediately (Nachtwey)
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