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The paper 'Business Process Management Systems ' is a great example of a Management Case Study. The aim of this paper is to explore the benefits of the implementation of business process management systems by e-government using integrated technological systems such as ICT. E-government is an approach that both developing and developed nations are using to improve the departmental operations for the best outcome, quality service delivery to the public. The paper analyzes Dubai’ s court process management systems as a case study. Over three years, Dubai courts have been utilizing electronic platforms such as ICT, promotional, and portal to reduce paperwork and improve service delivery. IntroductionBusiness process management is a business concept that both, governmental, profit, and nonprofit organizations use to oversee the organizational workflow to ensure the organization meets customers’ needs.

Global governments are embracing business process management systems to improve departmental workflow for effective service provision and delivery by pooling together organizational activities and events for goals achievement. The BPMS (business process management systems) concepts mitigate human production errors such as waste, and proper infrastructure management and appropriate utilization of human capital and technology.

In this case, Dubai courts are looking forward to adopting BPMS by introducing e-services to reduce paperwork. According to Priyambodo and Prayudi (2016), BPM is a point of connection that organizational executives use to link business operations with information technologies for quality service delivery. The purpose of this paper is to explore the concepts of business process management systems used in e-services. For more understanding, the paper uses Dubai’ s Court as an electronic government sector (e-government) as a case study. The article formulates business process ideologies from various quantitative secondary data theoretical frameworks articulated by different authors and qualitative primary data from an interview conducted. Literature ReviewEvolution of Business Process Management SystemsThe Business SystemComment


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