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The paper "Characteristics of the Company’ s Products and Services" is a great example of a Marketing Assignment. Braaap Organisation is a firm located in Australia that deals with the manufacturing of motorcycles. The company is driven by the desire to make accessible and enjoyable motorcycles. Brad Smith established the firm in 2008 (Braaap, 2015). The initial vision was to make first-rate motorcycles with unique features and affordable to users. The company wanted to create first-class motorcycles that would compete with the American made race bikes. The Braaap brand is the only motorcycle products with a lifetime warranty in the world.

Braaap has developed to a motorcycle producer compelled by a zeal for riding. The firm’ s mission is to get more individuals engaged in the firm’ s sport and establish novel motorcyclists. In the competitive motorcycle market, Braaap as an emerging brand must try to establish feasible marketing strategies and up its game in order to win a competitive edge. The focus of this report is to establish and adjust the market mix of Braaap organisation. 2. Characteristics of the Company’ s products and Services and their significance to the MarketBraaap organisation provide a variety of services and products to accomplish the needs of its extensive customer base.

The firm’ s range of motorcycles includes road range, electric range, 2016 MX range, kids, Street Superlite, the Braaap Silent and Mercury Cafe Racer (Braaap, 2015). All these products hold distinct features that suit the need of every customer. The product matches customers’ unique needs and preferences. The major characteristic of the company’ s products is its brand name. The brand name is unique and easier to recall. The firm has online stores that are convenient for customers and that bring products closer to where they are needed.

The firm also offers free bike riding lessons and test rides to customers aimed at ensuring that riders ride with the right technique, control, braking, and throttle. Besides riding lessons, Braaap products and services hold unique features that include flexible financing and payment modes, lifetime warranty, built for adults and customizations. These services are aimed at outdoing other motorcycles’ manufacturers and help the firm to win a competitive advantage. The company holds special adult rides in mind that the firm works to fulfill their wants and needs.

As a result, the firm has established a learn-to-ride program, the Braaap life club, in-store ride nights and lifetime coaching. The flexible model of payment ($3 a day payment plans) enhances the affordability and accessibility of motorcycles to scores of customers. The rent-to owner policy allows clients to own motorcycles and pay in instalments. More importantly, customisation is a key feature of the firm’ s services where customers are offered the prospect to select from a wide range of accessories and colours as well as personalise their products to match their taste and preferences. 3.

Policy and Pricing VariablesBraaap’ s pricing policy is founded on manufacturer and dealership prices. This includes the Braaap’ s overheads that determine the ultimate price displayable in-store and online. These prices include the entire product within the company’ s brand that ranges from motorcycles, spare parts, helmets and clothing to mention but a few (Braaap, 2015). The firm offers a long-standing interest-free lay-by that enables customers to get the products on demand and make a full purchase later.

The pricing policy of the company makes it easier for customers to purchase the firm’ s products and in turn deliver value to customers. 4. Effects of Promotional methods, Channels of Distribution and Customer services


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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