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The paper "The Importance of Corporate Brand Identity in Business Management" is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. Brand identity is indispensable in building brand and relationships. As an invaluable asset, it has necessitated the need for attuning consumer’ s preferences to new marketing communication tools built (2015)Driven by the intense and dynamic business environment researchers are compelled to explore divergent aspects influencing brand identity (di Silveira et al. , 2013). Companies, therefore, need to create strategies that effectively communicate their image; Nivea has maintained such an approach throughout its branding approach.

The purpose of this retrospect paper is to understand Nivea’ s approach to branding with respect to divergent branding theories. The purpose of creating brand awareness is always to be the first in the minds of the customers. Depending on the product that the company is selling being the first in the mind of the clients has a lot of advantages because it makes sure that the brand will augment the brand’ s identity, otherwise thought to improve its image. Today there are many channels that the company can use to create awareness though there are many pitfalls that have emerged with the new brand awareness strategy 2.0 The Company: Nivea 2.1 Company history Founded in 1911 by Dr.

Oscar Tropolowits and Paul C Beiersdorf's. , Nivea has been a leading brand in the making of quality skincare products. When Tropolowits was told about an innovating emulsifying agent called Eucerin, the idea of developing a cream was born. Together they developed the first stable oil-water based cream that was put to first mass use in 1911. That was the birth of Nivea. . Despite the various scientific innovation and developments in the making of creams, Nivea's original formula has changed very little.

Some remarkable changes in the product were mostly in the brand. 14 years after its invention the Nivea tin was completely redesigned. In the 1930s Nivea experienced a lot of development as this was the time that other ranges of products were introduced (Beiersdorf, 2015). The products range from shaving creams, shampoo and skin oils. The success of NIVEA was partially influenced by the advertisement by EllyHeuss-Knapp the then-wife of the German first Federal president(Vlugt, 2012).

Despite the raw material shortage in the post-war years, Nivea was able to develop and become a classic world brand by the 1950s. Presently, Nivea has more than 500 products. In its 100 years celebration in the year 2011, the company recognized the milestones it has made in the establishment and development of a brand that has conquered the odds to become the world-class company. 2.2 Company profile Nivea is a branch of the BeiersdorfCompany. Since its introduction, the company has grown to reach a net worth of $29 billion. By the year 2006 Nivea brand was worth $116.

The growth of Nivea as a product has been replicated in the world by Beiersdorfopeningmore companies around the world. In 2008, the company was launched in Dubai, and another company was opened in Shanghai in 2009(Ricadela, 2015). The company’ s major competitors are L’ Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, Avon Products, Inc. and 3M Company. The company’ s market share in the year 2013 can be seen in the chart.


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