Essays on Brand Identity Design Process Book Report/Review

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Marty Neumeier " (Neumier 2003)" The book “Brand Gap” by Marty Neumeier was first published in 2003. Through this book, Marty Neumier gives a deep insight about different in which the gap between business strategy and design can be bridged. There are a lot of times when there can be a gap or when the business strategy is not appropriate. The design concepts could be wrong or their execution could fail. There are different reasons due to which the brand gap may exist. According to Neumier “ A lot of people talk about it.

Yet very few people understand it. Even fewer know how to manage it. Still, everyone wants it. What is it? Branding. of course -- arguably the most powerful business tool since the spreadsheet. " (Neumier 2003)Neumier in this book gives a very comprehensive view of the brand and elaborates on what the brand is, why does a brand work and more importantly how to bridge a gap and create that sustainable competitive advantage. The author goes on to elaborate each of the following disciplines of brand gap in this book: differentiation, collaboration, innovation, validation and cultivation. Alina Wheeler – Designing Brand IdentityThis book by Alina Wheeler, goes through into all the stages of brand identity designing in great depth.

These include research and analysis, brand strategy, design development through application design, launch and governance. It the book is a comprehensive reference guide for all phases of this process. Wheeler has supported book with different case studies from Herman Miller, General Electric etc to give the reader a crisp clear picture. (Wheeler 2000)BibliographyNeumier, Marty. The Brand Gap. Berkeley: New Riders, 2003.Wheeler, Alina.

Designing Brand Identity. The International Coolhunting Magazine, 2000.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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