Essays on Justification for Brand Image and Brand Salience Essay

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The paper "Justification for Brand Image and Brand Salience" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. The stiff competitive nature of the modern market systems coupled with the vast globalization has made the aspect of brand management an important marketing function. Brand management assists organizations to differentiate themselves from competitors and by extension avoid the avoid competition that is bent on price wars. The prime aim is to crate customer loyalty. This feat saves the company of the added costs of constantly sourcing for customers through promotional campaigns (Aaker 2004).

The focus is therefore on customer retention through offering valuable products and services that create good memories and instigates the desire to buy the same brand next time. This paper evaluates the importance of brand image and brand salience in the whole mix of brand management. The specific focus is on appraisal (justification), comparison and contrasting of the two aspects. Finally, a system of brand image creation for a new product is presented. Brand image and brand salience are two important aspects of the marketing theory. Their significance can be evaluated upon their ability to influence buying behavior and consecutive buying decisions by a consumer (Guido 1998).

The product quality and price aside, these two aspects play a role in the buying decisions of a buyer in a non-monopoly market where there are many brands that are almost similar. It follows therefore that marketing executives have to allocate time and effort to promote brand image and brand salience for their products. Brand image refers to the sum total of consumer perceptions about a brand. It reflects the consumers’ opinion of the product though it may not necessarily coincide with the brand identity.

Brand image is simply a reasoned or emotional perception that consumers will have over a product or range of products from a specific manufacturer (Guido 1998). The importance of brand image in the marketing mix is derived from the rationale that it represents a set of consumer beliefs regarding a product and that would be a force strong enough to instigate a buying behavior. Brand image emanates from the establishment of ideas and feelings towards a particular product and it is a learning process that ends with the customers getting accustomed to the brand.

Organizations, therefore, have to strive to create strong and positive perceptions about their products in order to surpass competition from other products in the same category. This is because consumers are going to attach a higher value to a brand they give a higher perception. Brand salience, on the other hand, can be taken to mean the propensity of a brand to be thought of by the buyers. It refers to the extent and speed with which a product will cross the mind of a consumer in a buying situation.

Concern for a product’ s salience from a marketer’ s point of view is whether or not a certain brand will rank as the first one or simply highly in the mind of a buyer before making a choice.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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