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The paper "Brand Management - Click Frenzy" is a perfect example of a marketing assignment. Click frenzy is the leading online shopping website in Australia and it was launched in November 2012. Despite numerous challenges the company has continued to strengthen its weaknesses and over time, it has proved to be a useful resource to online shoppers both in the region and elsewhere (Richard & Wilson, 2005). (b) Click frenzy was established with the goal of giving Australia a chance to fight back against international competition. The company would achieve this by availing online brand management services to both local and international clients.

Online shoppers would get an opportunity to bide for various deals from the company website (Bobby, B. 2012). Q 2. The event of launching the famous click frenzy which was described as Australia’ s version of cyber Monday failed in big a way to provide the much-anticipated services to consumers. After only a few hours of its launch, the site crashed. The crashing of the site was largely attributed to the huge traffic from the consumers who logged into the system.

The serious technical issues which led to the crashing of the system were experienced despite widespread assurances from experts. (Richard & Wilson, 2005). Planners had not expected a large number of the consumers after such a short time after its launch and were therefore not set to contain huge traffic. Later on, these technical issues were resolved and consumers were able to make decisions on what to buy and what not to buy from click frenzy. This was achieved through a comparison of prices from other online retail companies and shops.

The information gathered from these sources was quickly spread through means such as social media. Q3 (a) Australia’ s leading power retail initiative click frenzy has over the recent past signed some of the leading brands providing an amicable answer to cyber Monday. The company provides focused and strategic brand management with the intention of making its clients benefit in various ways.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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