Essays on Brand Development and Marketing of Coca-Cola Company Case Study

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The paper "Brand Development and Marketing of Coca-Cola Company " is a good example of a marketing case study.   The Coca Cola Company is the most popular distributor of beverages and non-alcoholic drinks all over the world. The product manufactured by the company includes 3600 products. The products range from juices, tea, water, coffee as well as the energy drinks. The firm requires new strategies that will help in countering the stiff competition which exists in the beverage market. The analysis of the market segmentation and differentiation is a great tool to help in the formulation of the plan which will increase the competitiveness of the firm and ensure that the company is resilient during the market fluctuations.

Anchoring the operation of the primary and secondary data will be effective in fostering the resilience of the firm. The document will also represent the marketing status of the firm which indicates the new drinks and beverages produced by the organization. 2. Introduction Coca Cola Company is a private brand which produces the Coca Cola and sprite drinks without the collaboration of other organizations.

The company is the largest distributor of soft drinks all over the world. Coca-Cola Company is also popular in the world for the production of unique beverages that are consumed across the continents. The company was established by Asa Candler in 1892 and has its headquarters in Atlanta in the Georgia district of the United States. The company mainly manufactures the syrup concentrated which is then shipped to the other companies such as the bottler and franchise companies, and it is mixed with other ingredients to produce the drinks which are presented in the market.

Coca-Cola companies supply more than 200 countries with drinks with a range of up to 500 brands. Every day, the company serves approximately 1.6 billion customers globally. The company is hence exploring new markets by improving the existing products and establishing new products. The products which are produced by Coca Cola are distributed to the consumers through bottlers, distributors, and fountain wholesalers. There are six groups through which the company’ s drinks are operated. The groups include; Latin America, North America, Greater Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East as well as Minute Maid Company.

The company has continually increased its customers and also expanded in China, East of Europe, India, and Russia. The popularity of the company is an indicator of the satisfaction that the company is offering its billions of customers all over the world. However, the company has faced a shortcoming in the efforts to establish sustainable distribution patterns. 3. Assumption The customers who are targeted by the company are not limited to their areas, gender, or ages. The company targets the whole population exclusively. The company also has competitors, the greatest rival being the Pepsi Company, especially in the Pakistan Market.

The organization also has well-defined marketing objectives including; increasing the ingestion of the beverages, make the commodity available universally by distributing in many stores as possible in the world. The company is also aimed at increasing the linkage of the brand to the fast-food firms which have an impressive image in the world. The company also looks forward to the production of a drink that meets the safety and health standards especially through producing drinks with low-calorie levels.

Additionally, the company has a well-established slogan which helps as a marketing strategy and offers the workers enough training to make them competent to produce the best drink worldwide (Isidore, 2016).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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