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The paper "The Adidas Company - Buzz Marketing" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Attention entails the processing of the information received by the consumers when they are exposed to particular stimuli. It is thus the level of capacity of the consumers to regard the stimuli that they receive through various senses. According to Market Watch (2012), there are three levels of attention such as voluntary attention where the consumers direct their attention to a kind of stimuli that serves personal relevance or interest, involuntary attention where consumers get information unexpectedly and selective attention where consumers selectively pay much emphasis on particular relevant information. The Addidas Company employs various marketing communication strategies that influence consumers’ learning about the brands.

In regards to the consumer behavior theory, marketers take much of the time to grab the consumer’ s attention. The theory of perception determines how much people buy a company’ s brand name. Addidas brand marketers understand the ever-changing perception of consumers and thus strives towards triggering the chances of driving the mass consumers to their brand. For instance, the exclusivity of the kind of shoes they offer has granted them more sales due to higher market attention.

Many consumers perceive that the shoe won’ t belong in the market and thus desire to obtain it immediately it is placed in the market. Therefore, the perception theory asserts that by understanding the consumer’ s perception of a particular brand, it is easy to manipulate their decisions in regards to buying the products. (http: //www. adidas-group. com/en/sustainability/contact/default. aspx )   Through the theory of exposure, consumers gain a lot of knowledge regarding the Addidas Company. For instance, the company sponsors various sports activities especially athletics and football in which many people are fans.

For instance, Adidas sponsors events such as the London Marathon and Adidas Sundown Marathon in Singapore. In this manner, both the sports companies as well as the fans get exposed to the company’ s shoe brands several before making a decision to buy the products.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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