Essays on Coca-Cola Successful Brand Equity Case Study

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The paper "Coca-Cola Successful Brand Equity" is a good example of a marketing case study.   Coca-Cola is the world’ s leading brand and most valuable brand worth billions of dollars and a household name. Coca-Cola has achieved brand equity through innovative ways of marketing that are known as total brand management. The main focus is the product quality which remains high quality with no room poor fluctuations. (Fabio albens, 12). The products quality of Coca-Cola remains high because no marketing strategies or licensing strategies can make up for the lack of quality. Coca-Cola has retained the product qualities for the last two centuries and the strategies revolved around, strengthening brand awareness especially in such a homogeneous beverage market. The Coca-Cola brand has been reinforced by the merchandising and licensing elements that add the brand value to consumer goods.

This successful brand has not been created by just one effort; the company’ s effort is multidimensional involving impact advertisements, and extensive merchandising, strong trade partnerships and extensive selected licensing have all together created the world's number one brand in the beverage industry. The companies approach is based on high-quality products in the market and available to the consumers with packaging to satisfy any need with special emphasis on the brand.

The company approaches the consumption with real-time analyzes, research on market segments and lifestyle monitoring. These have helped the company to develop new products that target a certain market fraction, and this defines the marketing strategies for each product and all the other logistical actions. The companies drive their activities based on customer needs, and their approaches are aimed to satisfy a consumer need. The winning strategy of the company operates at two levels; that the work in synergy and the pull strategy attracts the consumers to the end by adverts, sponsorships, and licensing that prepares the consumers mentally to buy the products.

The company has adopted a merchandising and licensing technique to increase sales and turnover with short term results while contributing to the defence and strength of brand equity. Coca-Cola licensing. Brand licensing is an important aspect of strategic management in the Coca-Cola Company, which is a part integrated strategic communication plan. These involve a legal process where the company licenses its brand to small legal entities.

This legal process is carefully executed to avoids safeguarding all aspects of this legal engagements. This licensing helps the company top enjoy license loyalties. The amount and modes of engagements are set from time to time as set out in the contract. The company does not limit the licenses activities, but it does everything possible to ensure that the integrity and standards of their businesses are maintained, both strategically and legally. Licensing is also effective in maintaining and defending the brand equity. The company has been able to acquire significant visibility in all sectors irrespective of the nature of their activities.

These have enabled the company to reach out to consumers outside the beverage industry. The Coca-Cola brand is one of the important aspects of brand equity, and this has enabled the company to take deep roots into the global market as the most preferred beverage industry.

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