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The paper 'Target Corporation Data Breach' is a great example of a Management Essay. With the rising level of competition, many organizations are focusing on the integration of technology in the provision of their services. However, there are challenges associated with the integration of technology including data breach issues. There are various disasters affecting the operations of the businesses irrespective of the operational scope: locally and internationally. The disasters that affect businesses occur in every part of the world and results from different sources: natural or human-induced. With advanced technology, businesses are incorporating various technological elements without considering the employment of services from experts to assist in improving the protection of the database (McGrath,   2014).

Nonetheless, management scientists and Information Technologists have been in a position of incorporating technology and business though it is vital that business entities note the rising number of illegal activities especially invasions of databases (Ayala,   2016). The chosen business for the report is Target Corporation, who experienced a data breach in which the business lost a huge sum of money for compensation and the trust of customers. The incident not only leads to loss of money and trust of the customers but also made the government question securities that safeguard client data. Target Corporation Target Corporation is a discount retail shop with its headquarters located in the United States, Minnesota.

In the United States, there is an increasing number of retail shops, and competition is very stiff that most organizations focus on the provision of services rather than the welfare of the customers. With its marketing strategies and objectives to provide customer-focused services, the corporation managed to acquire its current market position and competitive advantage to be the second-largest within the country after Walmart(McGrath,   2014).

The corporation serves a wider market scope. Moreover, through the years, Target Corporation has been experiencing growth and change in management, as a result, in 2015, it has an estimated 1,801 outlets across the country. Additionally, to increase its operational scope, the corporations provide services in different methods such as discount store Target, hypermarket SuperTarget, and other smaller franchises including CityTarget and Target express before they received Target branding (Clark, 2014). Data breach in the corporation With the rising level of technology use, the corporation was at the forefront of the retail industry integrating various technological elements.

However, in mid-December 0f 2013, the corporation experienced a cyber attack that attracted the headlines of several media platforms. The hackers managed to find their ways through the corporation’ s database, which gave them access to credit card and debit card numbers of customers. With such information, the hackers had the opportunity of undertaking various activities illegally on behalf of the affected customers (McGrath, 2014). The hackers mainly targeted personal details. Since the corporation had a customer base of 40 million, all of them experienced the negative effects with access to their credit and debit card accounts.

However, during the investigation by the corporation, the number of affected customers increased to 70 million after considering other information that the hackers accessed from the database(Clark, 2014). The investigative report revealed that about 42 million of the clients had all their debit and credit card information retrieved with some of the areas experiencing the major impact of the hacking including Florida, California, and Texas.


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