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Essays on British Airways as a Service Company, Personal Experience with BA New First Class, Company's Analysis Using 7 Ps Case Study

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The paper “ British Airways as a Service Company, Personal Experience with BA New First Class, Company’ s Analysis Using 7 Ps” is an  intriguing example of a case study on marketing. The need for offering high-quality services to customers, especially in the service industry has become essential for the success of many firms across the globe. In the service industry, the success of the firms solely dependents on the way service is delivered. British Airways (BA), UK largest international airline established in 1971, has continued to perform well in the domestic and international markets.

This is based on the high-quality services offered by the contract employees and other stakeholders who enhance customers’ welfare in all their regions. In one of my personal experiences on the new first-class cabin offered in all its planes, the firm offers seats having ample space for the passengers to place their bags, laptops, and iPads among other devices on board with them.   To enhance service delivery the firm employs the 7P’ s model of marketing to attract and retain its customers across the globe. For example, the firm enjoys a strong brand name on all its products across the globe at affordable prices.

BA promotes its services by giving loyalty schemes to its customers as well as using the modern forms of advertisements using social networks. The firm also employs hire-qualified staff having the right interpersonal skills, service knowledge and attitude to provide services required by the customers. Other elements of the marketing mix used by BA include place, price, physical evidence, and process. One of the recommendations to improve on the aspect of people in the marketing mix is to motivate the contact employees, through training, promotion among others.

To improve on products, BA should invest in research and development to develop high products and services acceptable and economical to the customers. In conclusion, firms in the service industry should employ the elements of the market mix to improve on service delivery.   For firms to remain profitable in the current competitive marketing environment there is an urgent need to address the aspect of quality customer experience. As the marketing environment becomes stiffer, due to economic hardships facing many consumers across, businesses have taken stringent measures aimed at attracting and retaining loyal customers.

As witnessed during the last global recession, only those businesses that offered efficient customer care services, both online and offline were able to expand their business territories (Schulz 89). However, it is worth noting that, companies in the service industries are highly affected as compared to their counterparts selling products. This is based on the fact that the service industry solely dependents on the way service is delivered and failure to meet customers' expectations leads to a decreased number of customers.

In all service industries I have visited in different parts of the globe, the need for receiving high-quality services is imminent. This paper critically analyzes my personal experience in British Airways. Background on British AirwaysBritish Airways (BA) is the United Kingdom's largest international airline, which operates domestic and international charter and scheduled services for the carriage of passengers, mail and freight as well as ancillary services. BA flies more than 600 destinations across the globe and is one of a leader in the airline industry. Established in 1971, the airline has largely grown from the domestic market to the international markets thus being able to compete with other notable airlines such as American Airways, Lufthansa Airlines, Qatar Airways among other notable global airlines.

The firm is a founding member of Sky Team, Oneworld and Staralliance airline along with airlines such as Qantas, Cathay Pacific, and American Airlines. In the year 2009, the firm merged with Iberia airline, making the two airlines to create the third-largest global airline with regard to annual revenue. After the merger, the firm constituted FTSE 100 Index under the title of the international airline group.

BA, whose headquarters is in waterside, Heathrow Airport has its operations across the globe. The firm holds a Type an Operating license from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, thus permitted to carry cargo, passengers on its crafts more than 20 seats (Campbell-Smith 49).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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