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The paper "British Petroleum Deep-Water Opportunities" is an excellent example of a Business essay. On 20th April 2010, the Deep-water Horizon oil rig, on BP’ s Macondo exploration well in the Gulf of Mexico exploded and caused devastating effects, which are still being faced years after the incidence.   After the explosion, the rig sank and consequently, oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days before it was capped on 15th July 2010 (Benoit, 2011).   According to Freudenburg and Gramling (2011), the accident claimed eleven people, with the U. S government estimating that a total of 4.9 million barrels of oil had spilled into the Gulf.

The oil spill is considered as the most devastating in U. S history. After the explosion and sinking of the Deep-water Horizon oil rig, employees from B. P and Transocean together with other government institutions responded with a bid to manage the spread of the oil to other coastal ecosystems (Benoit, 2011). The devastating oil spill resulted in massive effects on the marine ecosystem. The Gulf oil spill resulted in the deaths of marine animals and affected the tourism industry negatively.

The U. S government-held BP responsible for the marine accident, as evidenced by the ensuing legal battles regarding the case (Nelson, 2010).   Since the Gulf oil spill largely involved BP, the petroleum company had to respond to alleviating the serious effects of the accident. Indeed, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was a major blow to BP. The Clean-up Process                       The Gulf of Mexico spill raised a myriad of concerns that triggered the US government to take the necessary steps towards containing the issue. At the centre of the oil, the leaking incident was BP, whose Macondo establishment had caused the unfortunate event.

In light of this, the company had to gather resources, both financially and human capital in order to respond to the crisis. According to Nelson (2010), the crisis raised international concerns and invited experts and resources from other countries to help in controlling the oil spill.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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