Essays on Corporate Documentation for Soft Console Pty Ltd Case Study

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The paper "Corporate Documentation for Soft Console Pty Ltd " is a perfect example of a business case study. The company requires high quality and standard documentation to facilitate it's internal and external communication and documentation needs. The documentation design, as well as production, will undertake various documentation functions to produce the following documents for the company; Emails, letters, memos, reports, order files, cash-flow statements, invoices, income tax documents, company promotions, quote, and meeting agendas as well as minutes, partner contracts, and distributor contracts. The company’ s standard documents will adhere to various criteria to ensure they are within the required quality, structure, language, and format. Language criteria- directness, grammar, punctuation, readability, and plain words To achieve directness, alphabetical listing, for instance, acronyms and abbreviations will exclusively be utilized in situations where the reader would easily comprehend the message.

The full terms will normally precede the bracketed initials. Full stops will be utilized to specify the letters that would be missing to equally achieve readability. Capitalization and the use of gender-neutral terms will ensure the documents are direct, clear, and adhere to ethics. Utilizing Australian English and the proper citation (Harvard) which is widely used in corporate documentation styles will ensure the company’ s documents adhere to the standard grammar as well as punctuation requirements.

The documentation will utilize plain words to facilitate the ease in which the recipients can understand the texts. Design criteria- structure, legibility, impression, and graphic elements The style attributes will conform to the common corporate structure which specifies different attributes like the use format features of bold, centred, font size, and all caps for different functions. The title that is specific to cover pages or utilized for main headings, for instance, must be in bold, centred, all caps, and in 18 font.

Heading 1 must-have formatting of bold letters, all caps, font size 14, 0.76 cm hanging indent, and should be numbered.


Guffey, M.E. and Loewy, D., 2012. Essentials of business communication. Cengage Learning.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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