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  The paper "Developing An Advertising Campaign " is a perfect example of a Marketing Case Study. Bounce fitness requires an advertisement for the purposes of boosting its sales. The aim of the advertisement campaign is to popularize the company as well as its products and services in order to improve sales. The main objective of the advertisement campaign is to enhance the competitiveness of the company in to improve its sales. The other objective of the company is to improve the brand image of the company through advertisement campaigns.

An advertisement campaign is one of the most effective methods of improving the brand image of the company as well as ensuring that the sales are improved (Kotler & Gary, 15). In order to ensure that the company is able to benefit from the advertisement campaign, a timeline is required. The benefits also need to be measurable for the purposes of evaluation by the company. The advertisement campaign will run for a period of 6 months. Four months after the launch of the advertisement campaign, the process has to be measured.

The sales of the company have to increase by at least 25% after the advertisement campaign and thereafter 50% within one year. The brand image of the company has to improve four months after the advertisement campaign which has to be reflected by positive ratings. The company should also improve its popularity and this has to be reflected in its competitiveness. The benefits of the advertisement campaign have to be measured to determine its success (Percy, 23). The advertisement campaign for the organization can be affected by various aspects including the consumer response.

Age is one of the aspects that are likely to affect the advertisement campaign. The younger generation is more interested in advertisements carried out on the digital platform as compared to the older generation (Czinkota and Ilkka, 28). This, therefore, has a direct impact on the platform as well as the contents of the advertisement campaign. The lifestyle of people may affect the advertisement campaign. This is due to the ever-changing nature of the lifestyle of the people in relation to the products at the market. Gender is also one of the main factors that have an impact on the advertisement campaign.

The products of the company target both men and women but their perception may be different in relation to the products and services of the company. The legal, as well as the ethical considerations, have a direct effect on the advertisement campaigns (Davari & David, 569). The advertisement campaign will involve the issues of ethics and law so as to ensure that it complies with the societal norms. All the contents of the advertisement campaign will be ethical and legal.

As part of the ethical responsibility, the advertisement campaign will not use any form of offensive language. All the laws regarding the advertisement campaigns will be fully complied with. All the contents of the advertisement will be screened and legal opinions sought in order to ensure compliance. It is expected that the advertisement campaign is likely to face some challenges. In an advertisement campaign, the challenges may result from market factors, time and budget constraints (Jobber & Fiona, 16). This is expected during the advertisement campaign. Such challenges will be dealt with through proper planning as well as better utilization of the budget.

Consultations with other stakeholders will also be made in order to deal with the challenges as a team. Close monitoring of the activities will also be carried out in order to ensure that the challenges are avoided, managed and dealt with effectively. In order for the campaign to be successful, a number of media options have to be utilized. The television, radio, and newspapers are the traditional media forms that will be utilized during the campaign.

These forms of media will be utilized since it still commands a high number of audiences that are targeted by the campaign. The traditional forms of media are also more popular among the older generation (Yeshin, 17). Social media will also be utilized during the advertisement campaign. This form of media is cheap, it has a wide coverage and it is more popular among the youth. It therefore ensures that the advertisement is able to reach a high number of people regardless of their geographic location. The internet, as well as the website of the company, will also be used in the advertisement as it is cheap and effective.

The use of technology in advertisement campaigns is increasingly becoming popular and effective.                       The budget allocated for the media is adequate and it was mainly based on the local market rates. A huge amount allocated for the media will be used in the television, radio, and newspaper. This is because such media requires payment for running the advertisement (Douglas & Samuel, 158). However, social media and the internet are relatively cheap and it will require less than $ 50.

This is because it only requires the opening of the social media pages which is free and the use of the website of the company. The only charges applicable are for the internet.                       The budget will be strictly adhered to in order to ensure that it is not overrun. Each and every amount that has will be used will be accounted for. Budget cuts will also be made in some of the aspects in order to ensure that more funds are available for the core operations and functions.

The contingency amount will also be utilized in case of emergency and this will avoid overrunning the budget. The amount that has been allocated for each of the components is based on the local rates with the information obtained through thorough market research. The timeline for the advertisement is adequate for ensuring that the goals and objectives of the advertisement campaign. All the activities have been allocated adequate time in accordance with their needs.   The running of the advertisement campaign has been allocated the highest amount of time.

A period of six months after the launch is enough to ensure that the aims and objectives of the advertisement campaign are met. During the process of running an advertisement, time is important in ensuring that the targeted audience is able to receive the message. A marketing advertisement should not run for too long as it is costly and it may lose its taste among the audience (Czinkota and Ilkka, 34).                       The choice of the service providers was based on various factors including the reputation, costs as well as their ability to deliver.

This is an important aspect that was aimed at ensuring that the selected service provider is able to carry out the tasks allocated to them. All the service providers in the campaign were identified based on their reputation and ability to meet the needs of the client. Since the cost was an important aspect, all the quotes received were analyzed. The quote had to be within the budget as a condition for approval. Apart from the ability to meet the required costs, all the reputation of the service provider was a major consideration.

During an advertisement campaign, the reputation of the service provider may affect the public image of the organization (Jobber & Fiona, 19). Written questions                       The needs of the proposed campaign were clarified based on the goals and objectives. The contents required in ensuring that the campaign is successful were also applied during the process. This played a vital role in obtaining and understanding the needs of the advertisement campaign. In most cases, the research is also involved in the process of seeking clarifications (Jobber & Fiona, 14).

Consultations with the team members are also effective in terms of ensuring that clarifications are made.                       Ethics is an important aspect that as to be considered during the campaign. In order to determine the ethical aspects of the campaign, research was utilized. Research ensured that adequate information about ethics is obtained. This is regarding the acceptable norms and standards in society. Consultations were also made in order to determine the ethical aspects of the campaign.                       The local, as well as the international market in other regions such as Europe and the USA, were considered.

The markets were considered since they have similar needs with the local markets. In most cases, the trade in the markets that were considered was viable.   Adequate information about the markets was present and most of the local companies have operated in the international markets in the past.

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