Essays on Coffeeville's Strategic Direction and Requirements Case Study

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The paper "Coffeeville's Strategic Direction and Requirements" is an outstanding example of a management case study. The Coffeeville strategic operation is of vital importance as it has led the firm to good performance. The five specific strategic directions cover the whole business hence easy to control. For instance, an increase in revenue through targeted marketing campaigns that include the marketing team. The increase is the main objective to increase foot traffic from two hundred and fifty to three hundred to position the firm as a superior supplier of the gourmet food in the CBD, establish goodwill within the target market, and increase the brand recognition.

The marketing strategic plans enable the measurement of the allocated budgets, responsibility for the strategy and the performance measurement on the recognition of ethical and environmental responsibility, number of consumers and percentage brand recognition. Secondly, the strategic direction covers the control of direct and indirect operational cost. The primary objective of this approach is to decline the cost of sales, increase the gross profit income by 10% annually and reduce the overhead per store through displayed growth.

The objectives recognize the suppliers and assist in the preparations of the budget. However, this ensures the performance measures a quarterly budget variation. Additionally, the strategy operation maintains superior products and service standards that conduct customer satisfaction and quality of delivered goods. The performance measures the satisfaction of the client and individual employee scorecard ratings. Additionally, the operation direction considers establishing the Coffeeville brand ethical and environmentally responsible company. The objective of this is to ensure that the environment is friendly and suitable for an operational business through strategies such as conducting spot checks and reviewing supplier credentials.

Lastly, to maintain highly trained and motivated staff whose performance is done monthly through measurement of absentee days and number of employees completing training programs. Future labor requirements Human resources management in the organization should anticipate more. Aside from the maintaining highly motivated and highly qualified employees, the environment plays a vital role that is everything that forms part of the employee's involvement with the work itself such as organizational culture, room for personal development, supervisor and the coworker. The factors initiate a positive work environment 0that ensures employees feel good about the work hence providing motivational factors that sustain them.

Nevertheless, highly qualified and motivated 0employees does not guarantee maximum productivity but also constant juggle. When employees fulfill various needs and goals in his life, he can have a work balance that promotes creativity and out of the box thinking. Emerging practices and trends According to the government, all industries should enable to meet the legal standards. The legal industry includes the business structure such as keeping all registrations of the business up to date which includes renewing the company name annually, meet the taxation requirement and to be in correlation with the corporation act on the financial product and services.

Additionally, Coffeeville should comply with the intellectual property and home safety and the environment to ensure that coffee handling is suitable for human consumption.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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