Essays on How to Develop Essential Human Resources Policies and Procedures Assignment

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The paper “ How to Develop Essential Human Resources Policies and Procedures” is a persuasive variant of the assignment on human resources. Examine the bounce fitness business planning and strategic documents and the bounce fitness Human Resources policies including the employee relations policy. Discuss whether the policies are consistent with the strategic objectives. Introduction. Bounce Fitness comprises four fitness centers. The Head office is presently in Cairns, Queensland. The other fitness centers are in Sydney, (New South Wales), Melbourne, (Victoria) and Brisbane, (Queensland). It was started in 2001 by Margaret as the only aerobic studio.

After two years, it increased its membership, and the small leased center was extended, and a new facility was constructed on land bought by the organization. The second center was started in leased buildings in Brisbane in 2004. The other two centers were established in the succeeding two years. The Head Office supervises the function of the trade-in all of the centers. Every center has a Manager that reports everything that happens to the CEO in Cairns. A team of employed casual instructors and fitness instructors reports everything that happens to the Centre Manager (Sung and Ashton 145).

Bouncy fitness business operates in the business practice that is best and fulfills all legislative requirements. Bounce Fitness aims to market its brand through quality service and proficiency to form itself as the best provider of wellness and fitness in Australia. Bouncy fitness spends much of its time training the workers to advance their professional expertise and in client service to promote a loyal member center. Bounce Fitness has designed fitness moves that are accompanied by music that is geared to the needs, varying interests, and goals of the group member.

It is envisioned that everywhere in Australia, fitness center and gym members will remain to be promoting individual performance through lessons designed and created by this business.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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