Essays on Leadership Skills and Styles Assignment

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Generally, the paper "Leadership Skills and Styles" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Participatory leadership style: This is a leadership style that involves other people during the decision-making process (Gallo, 2011). This is achieved by a delegation of duties to team members. This leadership style might be effective in a situation where the leader needs to come up with a solution to conflicts and disagreements among employees (Barrett & Moores, 2009). The leader asks the employees to contribute towards the solutions to conflicts as well as contributing to the solution. Another leadership style is transformative leadership.

This is where the leader acts as an example by guiding employees in areas where they do not demonstrate competence or skills. A situation where this type of leadership can be applied is where an employee does not know the method involved in performing a particular task. The leader acts as a guide by instructing the employee on the right method of performing that task. Assessment Activity 13 What is likely to happen if you work with a manager who is discouraged, appears to be unhappy or insecure in their role and criticizes the organization for which they work? The first thing that will happen is that the employee will lose a sense of direction and motivation because they will feel like the activities of the organization are not aimed at achieving a particular objective.

This will result in a condition where they do not undertake their duties effectively and they will develop a negative attitude towards the organization. This is also based on the fact that employees follow the leadership style of the manager.

Thus when the manager criticizes the organization, employees will also find excuses for not performing their tasks by criticizing the organization. The impacts of these changes in attitudes are that there will be a reduction in production so that the profitability of the organization will reduce considerably. What is your opinion that makes a good leader/ manager? A good manager is one who is able to lead by example. This is where the leader is friendly to all employees and does not favor other employees.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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