Essays on How the Advertisement or Promotional Activity Is Compatible with Eden Beautys Requirements Assignment

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The paper "How the Advertisement or Promotional Activity Is Compatible with Eden Beauty’ s Requirements" is a perfect example of a marketing assignment. The advertisement formulated to promote the Eden beauty company has been made to the highest standards. The background colors chosen for the advert which are black and pale pink has met the demands of the organization. The colors chosen are symbolic to the market as they aspire to beauty. They still are in the design made for the Eden Brand. They have been used in the Eden logo and writings in the logo too.

The graphics in the visual ads, which include billboards and television running clips, have their main theme as bringing out the luxury imagery. These pictures and motion editions show several individuals having their laxity when using the Eden products and services as well. Moreover, the ingredients used to manufacture the Eden Beauty products have been included in the promotion ads. Additionally, the users, who are female, are also informed of the roles played by each of the ingredients mentioned with respect to specific products and their use.

Safety has been assured to the consumer as a way of winning the clients’ trust in their beauty services and products. The information regarding Eden products’ ingredients has allowed the buyers to choose the product that fits their interest. Further, their services which include beauty therapy, and massage alongside sides nail art and piercing have been indicated in the promotion ads. The advert has brought forth majorly the importance of females to enhance their natural beauty through the use of their services and goods. Therefore, the adverts made to be played on radio, television, social media among other advertising platforms have been rated as compatible with the requirements of Eden Beauty Company. Activity 2 Advertisement plan for a new car.

The medium chosen to advertise the medium schedule for the new car is the press medium. It is the leading medium in terms of reaching many clients within the shortest time possible. It involves the publication of the ads on the international and regional newspapers alongside sides, trade journals, and magazines which are halfway less used than newspapers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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