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The paper "Management Application of Project Integrative Process ' is a great example of management coursework.   Safety at the workplace cannot be over epitomized. It is mainly felt in factories where the workers are exposed to sustained risks in their day-to-day operation. Adherence to safety measures not only guarantees the safety of the lives of workers but also the entire stakeholders within the company. At BOC, everything has been done to make sure that the vital rules and guidelines are clearly defined. Employees are supplied with satisfactory information, instruction and regulations all aimed at ensuring that the working conditions are safe.

As an influential organization, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) safety procedures are quite vast and highly detailed. The organization has information about safety measures stored in various locations to necessitate quick accessibility during emergency cases. BOC Company specializes in providing an all-inclusive assortment of safety products. The safety products have been mainly designed to help in the protection of employees at the workplace. BOC safety products are highly rated in terms of quality and reliability. They include head, face and body safety artifact.

Others are foot protection and resuscitation products. BOC Queensland Retail had their SHEQ information stored in several locations throughout the business. The information was found from several places when it was needed for emergency or regulatory inspections. This assignment will discuss some of the effective methods for delivering all SHEQ communications in a single location. The apparent benefits for this project were: the Reduced likelihood of regulatory fines, reduction in incidents and the associated costs, and empowerment of workers to look after their welfare. Management integration of all functions of project management Department The department which is mainly associated with safety issues in the workplace is Gas & Gear Retail Queensland department.

The department will provide the required guidelines and rules that have to be adhered to by all the stakeholders in BOC Company. The workplace environment will be highly maintained to ensure that everyone is safe. Safety within the workplace would be considered a significant obligatory policy and the department has ensured that all other departments are provided with the necessary assistance and information to ensure that the employees are fully protected. Stakeholders Queensland Regional Leadership Team is made up of various personnel.

The top leadership workforce consists of the following; State General Manager This is a highly influential personality who oversees all the function concerning the running of the organization. His main interest as far as safety at the workplace is concerned is to reduce the fines that are imposed on different people within the organization. SHEQ Manager The SHEQ manager ensures that the general safety measures are adhered to. The SHEQ manager participates actively in the formulation of policies and regulation that are aimed at maintaining the welfare of everyone within the organization.

The position is held by one individual. Sales managers The sales managers are two in number within the organization. Their main duty is to coordinate sales activities. They make sure that the requirements of the customer are appropriately met. They also influence the level of output in consideration of a particular period of time. The sales managers find appropriate persons and agents to carry out sales activities for the company’ s products. The sales managers in BOC Company provide motivate by use of suitable ways to the sales individuals.

They give the right training to them to enable them to carry out sales activities in the most successful way.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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