Essays on Legal and Risk Management Requirements of a Small Business Assignment

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The paper "Legal and Risk Management Requirements of a Small Business" is an outstanding example of a business assignment. We collaborate in terms of sharing problems we experience such as transportation problems, facilities problems so that a business that has a solution can provide the solution. We also collaborate on design strategies to use so that the competitiveness of our companies is enhanced. Assessment activity 2 The industry chosen is the real estate industry and the main businesses that are involved in this industry include accountancy industries, procurement businesses, plumbing businesses, transport businesses and security businesses.

The purpose of networking and maintaining contacts is that when a particular business has a client related to the real estate industry, one of the members of that network can inform another member so that the informed member does not lose a business opportunity (Delaney, 2013). In addition, through contacts, a business in this network would seek advice from a member of the network regarding a problem encountered, reaching a solution to problems encountered at least cost or effort. How would you record, store and categorize contact details of people you meet at networking events?

Why would you use this method? Recording of contact details will involve the recording of business name, telephone number, email, address and fax number as well as the telephone number of an agent of the business. I would also record the description of the business whose contact has been recorded and the location of the business. The storage will be done in a file that will be kept in the office in folders. A copy of these contacts will be stored in a soft copy of computers in the offices of my business.

This will be done so that contacts of people are not destroyed easily as a result of accidents that may occur or negligence in the office. Assessment activity 3 What do you consider to be the main reasons why you should network? Ensures customers are reached Ensures the company shares information with other companies Enables understanding of customer complaints Enhances the relationship between the company, stakeholders and customers What do you think is the most important benefit? Why? What do you think is the least important benefit?


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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