Essays on Organizing Meetings Assignment

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The paper "Organizing Meetings" is a perfect example of a business assignment. Ethics are good practices that are aimed at benefiting everybody in a particular situation and not affecting other people negatively. Purpose of the meeting: The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the progress that had been made by the association and to elect new officials. Meeting structure: the meeting was conducted in a conferencing hall that enabled officials of the association to address delegates who had attended the meeting Voting procedures: new Officials were elected using a secret ballot method A number of participants: a total of 120 participants were present during the meeting.

These were a mixture of both male and female attendants. Specific resources and equipment required by participants (eg projectors): resources that were used to facilitate the exchange of information include projectors, microphones and loudspeakers Telephone or videoconferencing equipment: telephone and videoconferencing equipment were put in place to be used by those who wanted to access the proceedings but did not attend. Teleconferencing or videoconferencing meeting processes: those who were unable to attend the meeting in person could access the proceedings of the meeting through telephone or videoconferencing. Refreshments: the attendants were provided with refreshments such as freshwater and soft drinks Assessment Activity 4 A checklist for a meeting involving the CEO and top executives of the company Before the Conference Yes No The venue is set aside for the conference     The Room prepared     Furniture and Refreshments available     Availability of projectors, a board and a computer     During Conference     The conference has begun at 9.00 am     Each executive is allowed to give a presentation     The presentations are carried out using a projector and a computer     The Activities of the meeting ended by 12.00 noon                 Assessment Activity 5 In the previous activity, you were given a meeting scenario and created a checklist to help organize the meeting.

Draft an email to advise the five executives in the scenario of the meetings.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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