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The paper "Managing WHS Risk" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Swiss cheese model of accident causation is a model that is usually used in risk analysis and risk management in an organization. The model offers emergency service to the organization since it serves as layered security to the risk formed due to hazardous effects thus acting as a single point of weakness. Five factors that may contribute to WHS issues in the workplace Stress and burnout Workload Environment Physical injury Violence at work Risk rating matrix This is a tool for risk evaluation that is used in determining the likelihood and the consequences of workplace health and safety hazards and also the risks.

It is always presented either in table or graphic format. The risk rating matrix offers three standards, namely; low likelihood, low consequences, medium likelihood, medium consequences and high likelihood, high consequences. Difference between Acute and Chronic in injury causation An acute injury is an injury associated with a traumatic event while a chronic injury is caused by overusing a particular part of the body for a long time. Physical agents causing occupational diseases Noise Radiation Heat Cold Biological agents causing occupational diseases Viruses Bacteria Flour Animal blood or leather Question 2 Three hazards; Physical hazard Chemical hazard Psychological hazard Three risks; Death Illness Injury Hazard is any source of potential harm that causes human injury, damage property or business environment in the workplace while the risk is any negative consequences that happen when exposed to the hazard and it is usually unwanted. QUESTION 3 The following are the main formal and informal communication and consultation processes and key personnel related to communication with regard to managing WHS risks Audit and inspection records Emails and memos Individual and team meetings Noticeboard Presentations Risk registers Signs Using interpreters and translators Verbal briefings.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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