Essays on Building a Blueprint for Personal and Professional Growth Plan Assignment

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Introduction: To make the firm run smoothly, management is the most important asset for the success. In a successful firm, all departments work with the coordination of management team that aims to make the organization run smoothly. The whole organization works under the instructions and direction of the manager whose work is to assign tasks and supervise work under him. (Managemen Iinnovations, 2008) A good manager should have qualities of leadership and team player. He should be cooperative, friendly, yet dominant enough to make his stuff work properly under a good discipline.

To improve my qualities for being a manager, I need to work over my dominance and leadership qualities. My prime quality is my creativity. I am a good team player but I don’t initiate to take the task as a leader. Therefore, to make myself comfortable in leading people I will start taking tasks in small group, so that I can polish my skills of leadership under small group of people with proper discipline. This will help me to observe my mistakes and with experience I will overcome what I am lacking now. Blueprint for Personal and Professional Growth Blueprint for Personal and Professional Growth (BPPG) evaluates the strength and weakness of the person.

This theory gives idea to people for building the image of a person. And the person himself comes to know about his strengths and weaknesses. With my strengths, i have gained confidence and esteem about my qualities and has given me motivation to overcome my weaknesses to turn myself into a eligible and more appropriate person for any recruitment. Whereas the negative effect that BPPG can cause over other people who are reading your BPPR is that, they might focus over the negative qualities and can exploit them. My main strength is creativity.

In any work, creativity gives a good edge in things; as creativity brings new fresh look and feel to things. Being a manager in some company where I can use my creativity to maximum will give me a good boast to make my mark in company. To be a successful manager I need to make my strengths as a pillar; creativity can even help me to overcome my weaknesses and I should not let my weaknesses to halt my creativity and strengths.

Therefore, for being a good manager I need to focus over forming a strategy for myself. To use my ideas and creativity to maximum. In a global environment where one has to encounter different people with different nature and way of working; for being a manager one should have a personality to tackle people without being stressed out. For me, to be a good manager following points is highlights of the strategy: 1.

Approaching those companies where I can maximize my creativity. 2. Maximum use of creativity in my domain 3. Positive leadership 4. Teamwork 5. Assigning work to other according to their strengths 6. Cordial contact with people in office Personal Goals: The main goal of the person should be to take a maximum outcome from life. The goals in life keep the person focused and motivated; which are essential for keep going. These goals of the person includes all those things which one want to achieve, where he want to see himself after 5 to 10 years and how can he improve himself into a better person.

How to overcome the weaknesses. (Routes To Self Improvement Network, 2005) In my personal goals, five prime personal goals which are attitude/habits, career, family, security. In addition, in all there is always a space to improve for a positive change. From the outcome of this program, Conclusion: I have learned to utilize my positive strengths for better image and how to overcome my weaknesses with the help of my strengths. Moreover, I need to work over my weaknesses with practice and determination.

This program has given me vision to understand how to approach my goals. Bibliography Managemen Iinnovations. (2008, december 3). ROLE & IMPORTANCE OF MANAGEMENT. Retrieved August 20, 2011, from ManagementInnovations: http: //managementinnovations. wordpress. com/2008/12/03/role-importance-of-management/ Routes To Self Improvement Network. (2005). Setting Personal Objectives. Retrieved August 20, 2011, from Routes To Self Improvement Network: http: //www. routes-to-self-improvement. com/SettingObjectives. htm

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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