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The paper "Building an Australian Sales Team" is a good example of a case study on management. This report is aiming at providing the necessary recommendations for Smart Insights allocated sales budget of around $50,000,000 towards financial services that will be offered in the Australian market. Smart Insight is a financial consultancy that will be offering financial consultancy services to Australians. The report will outline the structure of the sales team, roles and responsibilities, the incentive schemes, remuneration packages, and the incentives that will be geared towards making the employees committed to achieving the objectives of the smart insights.

Other firms in the market are offering the same services hence ensuring that the sales team is motivated can be crucial in the process of making them committed to ensuring company success in the market. The company will employ the use of a geographically based structure that will assist in ensuring that there are efficiency and flexibility in the process of ensuring the sales team can deliver to the expectations. In the process of achieving efficiency, the sales team will be divided into regions to make the management of the sales activities easy where each region will be allocated a regional sales manager.

However, the dividing of the regions will be targeting the areas with a high population that assists in increasing the number of customers. The distribution of the sales team does consider the population of the regions to ensure that there is a fair workload among the employees in the sales team. Smart insights will also make use of sales agents that will mainly target the small markets in Australia. This will assist in ensuring that the company services are popular in the market.

The remuneration is done according to the responsibilities of each sales personnel where the managerial salaries are higher than the staff salaries. The management team Magdalene joy She is the national sales director where she has enough experience in sales activities for more than ten years. Her major role in ensuring that the company is in a position to offer services that are competitive in the market. Jennings Harrison He is a graduate of Hervey business school with four years of experience in offering financial services in Australia making him very competent on issues of financial services.

He is the regional sales manager where he has the responsibility of working towards ensuring that the company sales volume is increased. Louis Nile He is the regional sales manager where he is tasked with the role of ensuring that clients' expectations are met in the most efficient and effective manner. Ross Michael He is the outsourcing manager where he is responsible for ensuring that the resources of the company are used in an efficient way. Organizational structure The smart insights organizational structure is simple with few officials of the management to assist in managing the costs of operating the company.

This has been one of the strategies that have been geared towards ensuring that the pricing strategy is competitive by reducing the operational costs hence able to offer pocket-friendly prices. The organizational structure does ensure that there is effective communication to ease the decision-making process and strategy formulation (Baldauf, Cravens, and Piercy, 2001). The company agents are paid through commissions where they do not largely affect the operational costs through salaries as they are paid according to the sales they achieve.


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