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The paper “ Gulf Air - Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management” is a motivating example of the report on human resources. This report offers a review and evaluation of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) CSR project team management. In this regard, the report reviews the project team management characteristics towards an innovative management approach, listing the challenges as well as recommendations for the team management practice in the future. On one hand, a theoretical model analysis lists the team formation, leadership, and performance evaluation factors as key team management efficiency.

Moreover, an evaluation of the bank CSR project establishes a reward system challenge as well as a democratic leadership approach challenges, elements the report recommends for change. This is achieved through key recommendations, namely t a participative approach, project partnership, and team members’ rewards approach respectively. The concept of project management has gained growing popularity in the last decade, expanding from traditional manufacturing and design organizations to extend even to the service providing ventures. Moreover, the declaration and objective of increasing innovations in the UAE market led to the additional need for developing innovative teams for market competency and relevance retentions.

This report offers an evaluation of innovative project teams’ development for the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. As such, the report discusses the model and theories for such a team development, offers a case study evaluation of the theory, application, as well as presenting recommendations for increased project teams, management success in the future. 2.0 Background Theory AnalysisIn order to develop and manage an innovative project team, a number of theories and considerations should be considered. This report analysis explains the team development styles, management approaches, and performance evaluation theories and models. 2.1 Team DevelopmentOne of the fundamental bases for the development of an innovative project team is in its forming stage.

In this regard, the forming stage includes the evaluation of the respective team members for inclusion based on the task needs as well as individual performances.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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