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The paper "Building Quality Organizations" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Human resource management has been regarded as a factor of high performance and competitive advantage. Companies with effective human resource management normally have every employee longing to work for them. One such company is FedEx Corporation, which was ranked as the best company to work according to Fortune Magazine list of 2013 (Reynolds 2016). FedEx is an American company which deals with courier delivery services and has its headquarters in Tennessee. The Company was established in 1971 and has grown over the years and now employs up to 300,000 people who operate globally.

In addition, the growth of FedEx Corporation is highly linked due to its effective HRM dubbed "People-Service-Profit" practice (Reynolds 2016). In this management philosophy, people come first because they are one of the ones who provide service and enhance profits. In addition, observers have attributed FedEx Corporation exemplary performance to its effective human resource strategies such as selection, recruitment, workforce planning, training and development, job analysis and design, benefits and compensation, and performance appraisal (Stone 2013, p. 34).

Therefore, this report will discuss Human resource strategies in detail to demonstrate how they can be used to build a quality organization. 2.0 Question1. How Human Resource Management performs a key function in the  strategic  management of the organization and contributes to the organization’ s optimum business performance Over the years, human resource departments have been stuck in their traditional administrative function which includes selection, recruitment, workforce planning, training and development, job analysis and design, benefits and compensation, and performance appraisal (Stone 2013, p. 34). However, with competition and changes taking place in business markets, there has been a transition from human resource management to strategic human resource management.


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