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The paper "Unlimited Mobile TV Program Market Opportunity" is a perfect example of a business article. Gone are the days when electronic, mobile and wireless media are a wide part. Now in this competitive age, the time has come where the consumer is asking for the multipurpose single device- where the ask of the day is the chosen media brand on the preferred device. This aspect has now appeared as the hotcake of the day – the Mobi TV or Mobile TV - where the concept is to provide the most popular Television programs and movies in the cellular phones on per demand.

At this stage, it is very obvious that it is highly important for the integration of all things mobile into the daily output of the media for a profitable engagement of future television viewers. In terms of the market opportunity, all the economic and lifestyle indicators suggest that the broadcasting industry needs to react fast in order to profitably embrace the newfound media opportunity presented by the world’ s mass adoption of mobile devices and wireless networks. Research reports from China highlighted by the BBC shows that mobile phone ownership has far outstripped that of landline telephones in many markets across Asia.

Another report quotes that, “ Four billion people, or half the world's population, will be using mobile phones by 2015, up from the 1.3 billion who have them now… ” and. “ By 2008, the world will already have two billion mobile users. ” the main vendors will be the Asian market followed by the US, UK. The future of it is looking very bright with mobile Network Operators now becoming increasingly interested as trials complete successfully and technology matures.

Mass-production handsets containing TV-on-mobile will shortly be at the top of the Mobile Network Operators’ shopping lists. To develop demand for TV-on-mobile, some mobile networks are already offering “ TV” services on mobile phones, notably Hutchison 3G and recently Orange, Vodafone and Telecom Italia. The goal of the “ Unlimited Mobile TV” program is to make television ubiquitously available on mobile phones and PDAs throughout all geographies, including inside buildings, with a wide range of programs and excellent image quality, regardless of the number of viewers simultaneously watching the same program.

This universal coverage is made possible thanks to the unique combination of country-wide satellite coverage and terrestrial mobile networks for dense city coverage and interactivity.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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