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Our Product: CookieCraze is a bakery, providing freshly baked goodies to s. Company CookieCraze creates delicious baked items, with specialization in cookies; the company also offers a wide variety of first-rate brownies, pastries, cakes, breads and other items. The company is a partnership owned by two friends and its first physical location is opening soon. Mission statement: CookieCraze’s mission is to be the premier provider of baked goods to consumers, assuring them of taste, highest quality and trust with every buy. The company is committed to doing so by using the highest quality ingredients, hiring the best staff and maintaining top notch levels of customer care.

CookieCraze will forever maintain relationships of mutual trust and integrity with all business partners and communities. Goals: 1. To establish the brand of CookieCraze as the best provider of baked goods. 2. To occupy the position of ultimate ‘cookie maker’ in the area. 3. To establish steady sales and customer base to meet costs and generate earnings. Competitive advantage CookieCraze has over two years of experience as a home-run bakery and thus has topnotch recipes, trained chef and a niche clientele.

Furthermore, CookiesCraze utilizes only the best ingredients which are requisitioned through established relationships with suppliers. SWOT analysis Strengths 1. Using the best quality ingredients for creating delicious, healthy and innovative baked goodies. 2. Employing the best staff, esp. in-house chefs, to produce top quality, healthy and innovative products. 3. Location of the store in heavy traffic area provides access to many residential as well as office-going customers. Weaknesses 1. Limited finances will limit marketing activities, especially advertising. 2. Current inability to hire more support staff for service and in the kitchen due to cost constraints. Opportunities 1.

Healthier baked goods choices for consumers, especially utilizing fruits, nuts and dairy in baking. 2. Establishing brand name and market presence can allow entry into the restaurant industry and more shops across the state. Threats 1. Existing competition in the market from other bakeries and restaurants. 2. Dependence on imported ingredients for some items on the menu make the business susceptible to risk of fluctuating exchange rates, international relations, etc.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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