Essays on Building your marketing plan/ week 6 Research Paper

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Channels and Intermediaries The major channels involved in this product launch will be our own stores, which are offering our select menu at different locations. Apart from this, it is planned that our packaged food may be delivered through local super-markets as well as other channels. However, major focus will be on the utilization of the existing physical location of our stores to market our product. It is also important to note that besides delivering food over the counter in our restaurants, we will also be offering home and office delivery of food.

As such, further channels will include the use of professional food distribution services that can ensure that our food reaches in best quality to the consumers ordering from their homes and offices. For promotional purposes, however, we will be networking with the local businesses, supermarkets as well as small street shops to carry our promotional material. Promotional Strategy The overall promotional strategy will be based upon combining personal selling along with the local advertisement of our service. Since it is highly probable that the overall success of our service will largely depend upon our local presence, our promotional efforts will be focused upon improving our local visibility. In order to achieve this, we will be using different channels such as local businesses, shops and other locations to properly advertise and promote our services.

Further, special discount periods will also be carried out in order to offer daily deals for our potential customers. Promotional strategy of the firm will be based upon offering a combination of different offerings for our customers to actually take benefit from them. More focus will be on establishing and maintaining personal links with our customers in order to offer them customized and personal menus. Advertising and Sales Promotion The overall advertising approach will be focused upon improving our local visibility i. e.

we must be known and visible to all our potential customers in areas where we operate. In order to accomplish this, we will be distributing promotional material through distribution agencies. This will be accomplished by publishing our promotional material and distributing the same by hand through house drop-ins along with morning newspapers. As such, we will be collaborating with the local distribution agencies to effectively distribute the material for our restaurant. Further, we will also be advertising in local classifieds and newspapers based in our area.

We will be offering daily deals and discounts through advertising in newspapers. We expect to attract more customers through our local radio and cable advertising also as it will help us to penetrate more into our target market. Sales promotion will be mostly done through personal selling wherein in-store selling will be considered as a preferred mode of advertising our products. We will be displaying sales material within our stores and increased focus will be made on improving in-store delivery to further cross sell our products.

This will be based upon utilizing our existing strengths and lock-n customers through improving our in-store delivery. Organization Chart Gantt chart Critical Success Factors 1.

Effective promotional activities Effective promotional activities will be the key in order to ensure that the restaurant gets the desired visibility in our chosen market. It is critical therefore that the promotional activities are designed while keeping in view the overall strategic orientation of our business. Alignment of our promotional activities with that of our strategy therefore will further crystallize our business objectives and synergies can be achieved. 2. Relationship with local businesses Relationship with the local businesses is the key because it is through them that the initial promotional activity for our restaurants will be carried out.

In order to successfully market our product and gain local visibility in our chosen market, it is critical that we must establish strategic alliances with our local businesses. These alliances, on smaller scale, will help us to leverage the strengths of our partners while at the same time providing us the necessary market penetration. 3. Quality of offerings and delivery of services. Focusing on quality and delivering what is required is another important milestone to be achieved and a key to our success.

Though we may be able to develop a better promotional campaign however, if it is not supported by what we promise to deliver, it may be relatively difficult for us to maintain and sustain our market. Delivering quality products and services at affordable prices therefore is the key to ensure that we can sustain in our target market.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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