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The paper "Business Analysis: Juzi Accessories" is a perfect example of a business case study. Juzi is a world-renowned company that pioneered in mass production of beadworks made from locally sourced disused materials -- such as posters, bottle tops, magazines and calendars. Before the company built a household name in 2008, it first initiated a strong corporate social responsibility program. Typically, entrepreneurs have tended to neglect business ethics and instead concentrated on sales and marketing, innovations and most importantly increasing their profits. More realistically, running a business with a special focus on ethics is significant in creating a positive image of the business, while at the same time ensuring it gains a competitive edge in its respective industry.

This report demonstrates how beneficial it is to operate a business that publicly presents itself as a “ green” company as well as how alterations in the environment affect the operations of the organization. A brief business preview will illustrate the crucial environmental changes which have the potential to affect the Juzi Accessories’ operation or which have affected its existence. Selected secondary sources are also used to preset and evaluate the major issues that offer possible recommendations in addressing the concerns that affect to the well-being of the company in the competitive jewelry retail market.

The recommendations can serve to enable the company to gain or sustain efficiency in operation or capitalize on its competitiveness. Background and Problem Statement Juzi is a UK-based company that deals in the manufacture and sale of beauty and cosmetic products globally. The company has distribution chains in Kenya and South Africa and is in the process of launching others in the United States and Asia. Juzi specialized in the mass production of handmade jewelry through its beaders in Kenya.

The products beautifully crafted pieces of handcrafts are later sold across the world through Juzi’ s outlets. The company has been extensively regarded as one of the innovators of contemporary social responsibility (CSR).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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