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The paper "Burger King Marketing Research Project" is a great example of a marketing case study.   This report gives market research regarding Burger King UK. The report gives a background on Burger King and its undertakings in the UK. In the report Management Decision Problems (MDP) was given so as to find a way of improving Burger King performance in the UK fast food market. In order to find out the attitude of the respondents towards Burger king products and services, a research design was set to be used in data collection.

This research was conducted through exploratory research as a way of accessing qualitative data from a focus group which comprised of 10 members as well as the use of descriptive research it accessing quantitative data from the questionnaire that was distributed to 200 respondents in London Introduction Burger King is a hamburger fast food restaurant which has a chain of outlets worldwide. The company whose headquarter is Florida in the United States was started in 1953 then known as Insta-Burger King (Malhotra, 2007). The company has changed hands for times the third owners being TPG Capital, Brain Capital and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners who offered it to public ownership in 2002.

It was in 2010 when 3G Capital of Brazil acquired the majority of the company’ s share in $3.26 billion (USD) (South Florida Business Journal, 2010). There was a major restructuring initiative by the new owners with the aim of improving the performance of the company. By the 2010 Burger king had about 11,800 restaurants that were in operation in 74 countries worldwide 600 of which being based in the UK offering 1.8 million in a week (Bernard, 2007; Becker, Nicola, 2007).

All the beef burgers served in Burger King Restaurants in the UK are flame-grilled are 100% beef and there is no addition of salt (Levitov, Maria, 2006; Restaurant Business News, 2003). Burger King UK has also been at the frontline in ensuring the Government initiative to reduce obesity and diseases that result from poor diet meal consumption. Burger King UK also recognizes it has a share of responsibility in giving assistance to the customer so as to enable them in choosing health diet and lifestyles by disseminating information, educating and through enhanced menu offering. Burger King has been involved in trials of reducing salts in its products wherein 2009 six UK restaurants did a trial on serving products with reduced salt and gathered the customers’ feedback.

(Rexrode, 2011). In the same year, an early adapter for FSA menu board labeling was signed by Burger King UK where the customers are provided with important information on the nutrition content of products before purchasing (Malhotra, 2007). There is additional information that is provided through leaflets in all UK restaurants and also more information is given through the website. Other steps undertaken by Burger King UK is the publication of the Global Health statement where the company was committed giving information to the customers and also providing choices and products that are expected by the customers.

There was a launch of the BK Positive programme which was expected to have a big impact on product development and communication to the customer (Prewitt, 1992). Other progress made is the voluntary step undertaken by the company to the EU Pledge on Children’ s Advertising.

This made the company to be one of the only 10 companies that are committed to having a restriction of 100% online and print advertisement directed under 12-year children to have Burger King nutritional criteria. The criteria include food having no more than 1.67g salt or 660g sodium among other criteria.


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