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Section Google incorporation had not launched its market in China for the fear of ethical issues in a country that highly values and preserves their culture. Google entered Chinese market late in 2000 and it took Google incorporation five years to open an office in China after a yearlong deliberation and discussion. The company also faced an uphill task of following regulations set by the government to protect its culture. This included the omission of the ‘search engine’ from their site which according to senior Google official is against their mission.

Although Google incorporation has been following Chinese controls it has been faced by regular crackdowns and hacking which demeans the confidentiality of their customers and also denying them their freedom of information. Other internet firms like Yahoo are faced with a dilemma of navigating through the stringent controls and measures to a point where they are forced to cooperate with the government by reporting any suspicious mission by the rights activists. In 2002 Warner incorporation abandons its mission to venture into Chinese market due to the fear of the regulators demanding copies of subscribers’ emails (Dean, 2010).

Section 2 Many foreign firms operating in China face a dilemma of dealing with corruption and politics aiming at helping them navigate through the stiff regulations set by the government. A case in point is when Yahoo China reports a Chinese journalist Chao Tao to the police for releasing a document to a democracy site in 2005. The journalist was sentenced to 10 years in prison (Dean, 2010). The Chinese people have a right for freedom of expression and information but this is constrained by the tough regulations and controls set by the government at the same time the Chinese government is fighting to maintain culture and preserve it.

According to Chinese intelligent corporation manager Lu Bowang, there are nearly 30 million Gmail users and at least 30% log in once a week to search for information. If Google incorporation leaves the market as they have threatened, it can leave a great impact in the Chinese economy. Google has been forced to filter its search engine in order to protect its customers and also prevent government interference.

Recently China has been forced to build a commercial information centre after realizing its importance in the economy. Even though the one party state and communist party views the information centre as a tool for political power and holds its grip on it to remain in power (Dean, 2010). Section 3 Google’s venture into Chinese market is a positive move towards liberation of the Chinese society. Through freedom of information the Chinese society is able to benefit more through new innovations. The internet site is viewed to be safe by many people and its departure will be a big loss to the media industry.

The Chinese government is also doing well preserving its culture which is important in their society. According to Gao, Google is viewed as a threat to the Chinese ruling party (communist party) because it has been chosen by many human rights activists as a tool to voice their concerns (Dean, 2010). Work cited Dean, J. (2010, January 13). Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 2012, from Ethical Conflicts for firms in China: www. wsj. com

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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