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The paper "Breach of Contract - Legal Issue" is an outstanding example of a law case study.   Mrs. Lastic hired three service providers in preparation for her daughter’ s wedding. Mr. Johnson was to provide the bridal car, Mr. Leslie was in charge of catering whereas Mrs. Kay was in charge of the wedding photographs. The three service providers received full payments for their services one month prior to the wedding date. Mr Johnson agreed to hire his white Rolls Royce to Mrs. Lastic as a bridal car for her daughter, Lucy upcoming wedding.

However, a week before the alleged wedding Mr. Johnson sold his white Rolls Royce to Mildred on the condition that she would ensure that the car was available for hire as a bridal car during Lucy’ s wedding. When Mrs. Lastic contacted Mildred a day before the wedding to ensure that the bridal car would be available Mildred denied any knowledge of an arrangement she had with Mr. Johnson to give her the white Rolls Royce as the bridal car. Mrs. Lastic was forced to hire another bridal car at a higher price.

Thereafter she intended to sue Mildred for inconveniencing her plans through the breach of contract. On the wedding day, Mrs. Kay’ s cameras jammed and thus the photographs came out inappropriately. On the other hand, the catering services provided by Mr. Leslie left the visitors ill since the chicken that was served was contaminated by Salmonella. Evidently, both Lucy and her mother detested the services that were rendered to them. In return, they embarked on a mission to sue the three service providers on the grounds that Mr.

Johnson and Mildred breached their contract even after Mr. Johnson had received full payment. Conversely, Mr. Leslie and Mrs. Kay had provided services that were not up to the intended standards. This paper seeks to give legal advice to Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Kay, Mr. Leslie, Lucy and Mrs. Lastic in reference to legal principles, legislation and case laws. Case Analysis Key legal issues identified in scenario 1 revolve around the breach of contract. It is apparent that Mrs. Lastic had deliberately entered into a contract with three service providers in preparation for her daughter's wedding.

According to their contract agreement, Mr. Johnson was to rent out his white Rolls Royce as the bridal car. Mr. Leslie was to provide catering services whereas Mrs. Kay was in charge of the wedding photography. According to the law, a contract is regarded as a legally binding agreement. An agreement is reached when both parties accept particular terms either in written form or orally. Nevertheless, it is imperative that both parties are able to prove that they indeed entered into a contract by providing material evidence in form of the contract itself or by attesting to the uttered terms in the contract(Smith & Keenan 2007). Failure to perform as stated in the terms of the contract is considered as a breach of contract.

Several legal actions can be taken in the event that a contract is breached. In accordance with the law parties that breach contracts are in most cases subject to certain penalties. For instance, in the event that a contract is breached the compensatory damages are rendered to parties that have been affected as a result of the breached contract.

There are two forms of compensatory damages namely, direct and consequential damage. Compensatory damages are given in order to compensate the plaintiff to losses and damages that they suffered as a result of the breach of contract (Adams 2006).


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