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Works cited: 141. Introduction1.1. Overview of the business problemABC Company has been facing many challenges or problems especially in the human resource department. Recruiting and training employees have been a major problem, which has caused a lot of conflicts and misunderstanding in the company. Many people apply for jobs and they claim that there is poor recruitment system and selection, which is unfair. They claim that it depends on who you know one to get a job. Qualifications do not matter a lot because nepotism and ethnicity is the order of the day (Dessler 70).

Employees too claim that they are not being trained because those who are suppose to train them claim that there is no time and enough facilities to do so. This is a problem because employees lack skills and competence to carry out their work. In addition, employees have no knowledge on computer; hence, they transact all business and organization’s activities manually. This is a factor is making their work difficult because it is time consuming and tiresome. It is a major problem because it will encourage fraud and corruption.

Information and data can be manipulated to suit ones needs and desires; hence, running the company at a loss (Dessler 71). 1.2. Key requirements and constraintsThe major requirement to solve these problems is to train employees on how to use computers so that they can reduce time wasted and avoid making employees too tired, which may lead to reduced production. Training can be conducted online if employees are trained on how to use computers and other IT software. Buying computers will ease recording keeping because it will improve its accuracy and reliability.

On recruitment and selection, it should be done in a transparent and fair manner. The data should be entered into the computer or all the applicants to apply online and the system set to select them on merit. This will ensure transparency and openness in selecting. The human resource department should develop a system that will select new employees on merit by avoiding interferences by the human resource recruitment, selection, and interview panel (Dessler 72). The major constraint is resources. It is costly when purchasing computers, installing software, getting qualified trainers, and training employees.

This would mean that facilities in the company need to be expanded, which is a constraint because of lack of space needed to expand the buildings and fix other equipment. The top management in the company is a constraint because they are concern with strategy formulation and decision-making. This is a major constraint that the organization is facing currently (Dessler 73). 2. Measureable Organizational Values2.1. Area(s) of impactThe areas that will be impacted are the human resource. The recruitment and selection will improvement; hence, in the long run will lead to improved performance because qualified staff will be working in the organization.

There will be no employment done in a disorderly manner because a computer system and software will reduce chances of manipulation. Training will improve; therefore, motivating employees to carry out their duties with ease because have the skills, knowledge, confidence, and competency in the area of operation (Dessler 74).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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