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The paper "The Analysis of SWOT for IKEA " is a wonderful example of a case study on management. IKEA is a furniture retailer and has been in existence since 1943. “ IKEA is the world's largest furniture retailer and sells furniture, bathroom fittings, accessories, and kitchen fittings” . (Company Website, 2010) The company has grown from a small one to “ presences in 37 countries and having more than 300 stores” . (Company Website, 2010) IKEA has been working on the model “ to provide furniture to people at affordable prices thereby ensuring that they work on low-cost strategy” .

(Company Website, 2010) This has enabled IKEA to have operations in Europe, USA, Australia, Israel, and Asia to name a few” . (Company Website, 2010)IKEA has been successful because “ it had followed the same strategy by designing the store similarly and ensuring that customers can look at the products” . (IKEA, 2010) The company like any other company has ensured that “ the market their products, retain customers by having loyalty programs and continuously renovate” . (IKEA, 2010) The company has also looked into the societal aspects. It has “ contributed towards charity, disasters, and to save the environment it charges $1 extra for plastics as compared to paper bags” .

(IKEA, 2010)This has made IKEA move from one step to another. The further analysis of SWOT, the environmental factors and Porter’ s Five Force Model will help to determine to why IKEA moved to other countries and how successful the company was in its strategy. SWOT AnalysisThe analysis of SWOT for IKEA helps to highlight the following points. This point presents the picture of why IKEA decided to move to other countries to launch its products and the efficiency with which it was able to achieve it. StrengthsIKEA has its own production unit which has helped them “ to ensure that the product is of high quality and is under the banner Swedwood” .

(SWOT Analysis of IKEA, 2010) The advantage of this is that “ IKEA has been able to maximize production at the same time ensure that there is a minimum waste” . (SWOT Analysis of IKEA, 2010)IKEA designs its product itself which has ensured that “ they keep in trend with the latest development and seeing that the furniture matches the market trends” .

(SWOT Analysis of IKEA, 2010)


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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