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The paper 'Amazons Vision and Strategy' is a great example of a Management Case Study. Amazon. com is an e-commerce phenomenon company. The founder of the company Jeff broke the rules of selling books through the internet rather than using the conventional distribution channels. The company is based in Seattle, the United States. Over the years, the company has grown from a simple bookseller site to a virtual Wall-Mart (Ronen 2015). Amazon does sell not only the book but also other products such as CDs, Software, Office Products, Electronics, games, cookware, toys, health products, foods, and hardware.

The company over the years has grown at a tremendous rate. 2.0 Amazons Vision and Strategy The vision of Amazon according to the director of the company is to make sure that they relentlessly focus on customer experience through offering customers convenience, low prices, and wide selections of merchandise (Amazon 2015). Their main vision is to make sure that they offer one of the biggest earth selection of products and a completely customer-centric company. The key features of the Amazons website include customer reviews, editorial, and manufacturer information on the products.

The website has tailored to individual preferences including recommendations and notifications. Amazon has used free shipping offers that have greatly encouraged the customers. The level at which the free shipping has been set is to make sure that profitability for the company is still achieved. Amazon has changed and used free shipping to beat competition and promotion of its products (Amazon 2012). 3.0 Amazons Marketing strategies Amazon has shown to focus mainly on online marketing channels (Noren 2013). They direct their customers to their websites mainly through some targeted online marketing channels.

These channels include the associate program, sponsored search; email marketing campaigns, and portal advertising. Other major initiatives that the company uses include TV advertising and outdoor advertising, but they are mentioned and monitored specifically. The use of customer loyalty marketing tools such as free shipping and offers have also been used as a marketing strategy widely over the world. Although the cost of shipping has been high and has not been added to the marketing expenses they still offer the services as they view this as a good marketing tool that runs through the world (Amazon 2012). 4.0 History of Amazon’ s Growth and Business Model Evolution Measures against the revenues per visitor, Amazon has shown great performance.

This is one of the key measures used to measure any commercial website (Evans 2014). Whether it is a media site, search engine, transaction per retailer, social network, or financial services. The graph below shows the performance of different companies as compared with Amazon over the years. Source: (Amazon 2012). 5.0 Amazon partnership strategies Amazon has grown its share price higher, and this has enabled the company to partner well with some of the well-developed companies from a wide range of sectors.

Amazon has also been also able to acquire many related companies. Some of the companies that Amazon has been able to partner with include Drugstone. com, which is an online pharmacy, Living. com, Pets. com, Winehopper. com, HomeGrocer. com, Kozmo. com, and Sothebys. com (Chaffey 2013).

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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