Essays on Botany Bay Surf Lifesaving Club Information System Case Study

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The paper 'Botany Bay Surf Lifesaving Club Information System" is a perfect example of a business case study. A senior  business analyst is one of the management positions and will be reporting to the chief information officer. He/she will be responsible for information systems project management from business system analysis, migration, process and output fitting and design. This position requires the holder to deliver on projects assigned to him/her and initiated from operations and business departments. Key features of the role will include an examination of existing business processes, costing of new projects, process mapping and procedure documentation.

The holder of the described position will seek to supervise, reward, and monitor the functionality of a business analyst. The position will involve collaboration and interactive communication with internal and external stakeholders. Responsibilities and Duties Continuously reviewing the needs of operation and business departments and translating them into highly specified project documents. This will be an involving responsibility requiring much collaboration, team spirit and clear understanding of UML and other business analysis software. Service delivery measure will be the number of successfully implemented functional requirements documents per year. Providing technical design specification especially for modified or replacement systems particularly in electronic banking so as to ensure that the institution is providing real-time services to its clients within by the end of the year 2010.

This responsibility is critical and the success of electronic banking solutions implement will be a key performance indicator To be a pioneer of the task leader in the designing of testing scenarios and plans for electronic banking projects and other business applications. Successful implementation of all projects will be a key performance indicator of this responsibility. Ensuring documentation of program and database specifications for different projects is prepared to the right standards and on time.

The key performance indicator will be the availability of these reports reviewed on an annual basis Providing advice as regards organization IS policy changes required for the effective performance of business analysis work within the organization to the CIO. This will be assessed on the number of policy additions or changes origination from him per year Providing leadership guidelines and technical support to the business analyst as regards project requirements and specification gathering, design and production of technical reports, assessment and configuration of report designs using business analysis tools.

This will be reviewed by the quality of projects originating from business analysis unit and also the various on job capacity enhancement to business analyst provided by senior business analyst per year. Put in place and continuously update measures to enhance the security of information in the bank by leading in the design and implementation of the backup and recovery strategies document. This will be measured by the existence and awareness of all staff involved of the backup and recuperation tactics document.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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