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The paper 'Moray Consultant Limited - Cultural Theory" is an outstanding example of a business case study.   Internal business environment normally consists of factors, trends and events which affect the organization within the business and are specifically directed to employees, management and organizational culture (Albrecht, 1983). For example in Moray, Consulting Business Company is faced by various internal organizations and management wrangles due to lack of clear management, organization structure and policies which guides the performance and work delivery (Albrecht, 1983). This has resulted in continuous complains from employees and some have even left the organization to start their own business.

The internal environment is very important because in most cases, it affects what people think, feel and a time do at work. With the Moray Consulting limited, at first employee’ s turnover was very low but with an increase in the organizational size and work complexity, the turnover has increased due to poor work environment and management structure. This paper intends to discuss various challenges which are being faced by Moray consulting. 2.0Web and Paradigm cultural structure theory Organizational culture is one of the most important factors which affect organization performance internally (Johnson et al, 2005).

In most cases, it is referred to as corporate cultures which normally are very strong and enduring. Factors such as beliefs, values, assumptions and attitudes influences and drives organizational culture (Johnson et al, 2005). For example in the case of Moray company limited, the attitude here is that the employees were not being given enough space and authority to handle their work properly with the two directors reluctant to relinquish their project leadership position making other employees feel unrecognized and unappreciated.

Albrecht (1983) defines culture as beliefs which are being shared by the organization members, so what happens at the Moray Consulting limited is just but the expression of beliefs and attitudes which has developed as part of organization culture Johnson et al. (2001) define organizational culture as loosely considered beliefs and values which are being shared by organizational members on what the organization is about, its roles and purpose. These beliefs and assumptions normally exist throughout the organization. Collectively, these belief and assumptions are called a paradigm. The term cultural web or theory is derived from the methodology which is used at arriving at these essential paradigms.

Fig. 1.0 the Cultural Web source: (Johnson et al, 2005) 2.1Routines and rituals Throughout its inception, the two directors have been involving in project management of the company, acting as the company spokesmen and negotiating the organization deals has become a routine with time and they find it hard to relinquish this position to another person. This has not gone well with other senior employees who have stayed long in the organization and now needs some level of autonomy in the management of the companies affairs more so which concerns the projects they are handling.

There is need for the partners to see that the organization has expanded, for the organization to improve service delivery and efficiency, they need to delegate work to other members who have work with them for a long time and this will change their current attitude (Johnson et al, 2005)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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